Fall Contest Corner 2017

Your Fall 2017 – Contest Corner

Contest Judges

Here are the Dates, Times and Locations of your upcoming Area, Division and District Contests. If you do not see your contest listed, check back. We are adding details as soon as we receive them from your Area and Division Directors.

Division A: Oct. 21st, at 9:30 am – BPC – Butler Aud.- 400 Forest Ave, Buffalo, NY 14213

Division B: Oct. 21st, at 4:00 pm (Registration 3:30 pm) – RIT – 1 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester, NY 14623 – Building Institute Hall – Conference room 1180

Division C: Oct. 21st, at 1:00 pm (Registration 12:30 pm) – R.I.T. – 1 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester, NY 14623 – (Parking lot E) Room A190 – Lower Level

Division D: Oct. 28th, at 11:00 am (Registration 10:30 am) – Binghamton University – 4400 Vestal Parkway East, Binghamton, NY 13902 – University Union – Room W324

Division E: Oct. 21st, at 9:00 am (Registration 8:30 am) at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, 333 Butternut Drive, Syracuse, NY13214

District 65: Nov. 10th-12th, at District 65 Fall Conference – Buffalo Hyatt Regency – 2 Fountain Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14202

Evaluation Contest – Friday – Nov. 10th, 2017 – time tbd – check back

Humorous Speech Contest – Saturday – Nov. 11th, 2017 – time tbd – check back


Area 11: Oct. 4th, at 6:30pm (Reg. 6:00pm) – Daemen College – Rosary Hall – 4380 Main St, Amherst, NY 14226

Area 12: Sept. 27th, at 6:30pm (Reg. 6:00pm) – Daemen College – Business – Room 107/109 – 4380 Main St, Amherst, NY 14226

Area 13: Oct. 7th, at 6:00pm at UB North Campus, Student Union – Landmark Room

Area 14: Sept. 30th, at 9:00am at OP Sr. Center – 70 Linwood Ave. Orchard Park, NY 14127

Area 15: Sept. 30th, at 9:00am at BPC – Butler Aud.- 400 Forest Ave, Buffalo, NY 14213

Area 21: Sept. 30th, at 12:30pm – Gates Public Library – 902 Elmgrove Rd. Rochester, NY 14624

Area 22: Oct. 7th, at 9:30am – RIT – 1 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester, NY 14623 – Room:1180

Area 23: Oct. 4th, at 7:00pm – RIT – 1 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester, NY 14623

Area 24: Sept. 28th, at 6:00 pm – Roch. Gen. Hosp., 1425 Portland Avenue, Rochester, NY 14621

Area 31: Oct 10th, at 5:30pm – Penfield Library – 1985 Baird Rd. Penfield, NY 14526

Area 32: Oct 14th, at 4:00pm – Mt. Vernon Baptist Church – Educ. Wing – 351 Joseph Ave. Rochester, NY 14605

Area 33: Sept. 29th, at 6:00pm (Reg. 5:30pm) – 5 Star Bank – 395 Westfall Rd. Rochester, NY 14620

Area 34: Sept. 23rd, at 11:45am – Canandaigua Wood Library – 134 N Main St, Canandaigua, NY 14424

Area 41: Oct. 5th, 6-8:30 pm – G.F. Johnson Mem. Lib. – 1001 Park St. Endicott, NY 13760

Area 42: Sept 30th, at 2:00 pm – WendCentral Office – 27 Central Ave. Cortland NY 13045

Area 43: Sept. 30th, at 10:00 am – WSKG, 601 Gates Rd, Vestal NY 13850

Area 44: Sept. 27th, at 6:30 pm – Arnot Mall, B-7 Community Connection Room

Area 51: Sept. 30th, at 9:00 am – Excellus BC/BS, 333 Butternut Drive, Syracuse, NY

Area 52: Sept. 25th, at 6:30 pm (Reg. 6:00 pm) – the Tech Garden, 235 Harrison St., Syracuse, NY 13202

Area 53: tba

Area 54: Sept. 27th, at Denny’s Restaurant, 103 Elwood-Davis Rd., Syracuse, NY 13212

Area 55: Sept. 23rd, at 9:00 am – Utica National Ins. Group, 180 Genesee Street, New Hartford, NY 13413

Area 56: Sept. 23rd, at 9:00 am -Utica National Ins. Group, 180 Genesee Street, New Hartford, NY 13413



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Veteran’s Day Luncheon

Honoring Our Veterans

A Luncheon Panel Discussion on Leadership

US Military 5 branches

On November 11th, 2017 at 11:40 am, the District 65 Toastmasters, a division of Toastmasters International, will honor Veteran’s from each of the 5 branches of the U.S. Military with a luncheon and a panel discussion on Leadership.

We will have local members of the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. They will share their experiences with the military and how it helped them with Leadership and life.

If you are a Veteran… If you have a family member that is a Veteran… If you have a friend that is a Veteran… Invite them for a great luncheon and a special Veteran’s Day tribute to Leadership.

Their Service for our Freedom is a glowing example of what servant leadership is all about. Join us to hear their stories and share their words of wisdom.

To Register for this Luncheon, Click the Link Below and Select:

[ ] Veterans Luncheon and Panel Discussion $40 per person

Admission Includes: Full buffet luncheon, Veteran’s Celebration, VIP Seating for Veterans and their guests, admission to the Panel Discussion On Leadership, photo opportunity afterwards.

Registration Information – Click Here

 More Information coming soon.

Veteran Bio’s and Photo – for our Panel Participants

Joseph Ricchiazzi, U.S. Army

Warren Mussleman, U.S. Navy

Dennis Gauda, U.S. Airforce

Michael Budowski, U.S. Marine

TBA – U.S. Coast Guard

Toastmasters… Where Leaders Are Made.


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Contest Photos – Fall 2017

Contest Photos

Fall Contests 2017

We will post photos from your contests herePlease submit a photo from your Area or Division contest and we will post them on this page. If Possible, please include a short message with names, winners, etc.  Email photos and message to –    Thank you.

Area 11

Area 11 contest

Area 12

Area 12 contest

Area 13

Area 13 Contest

Ellen Pieklo, D65 Director; Gina Bellavia, 2nd pl Humorous, 3rd pl Eval; Aric Gaughan, 1st pl Humorous; Andrew Warta, 1st pl Evaluation; Hilary Diodato, 2nd pl Evaluation; Susan Willavize, Area 13 Director”

Area 14

Area 15

Area 15 contest -Fall 2017

L – R: Melisa DeBoth, Chelsea Maderer, Juden Bliss, Kirk Wilson, Ashley Dietrick – 1st Place Evaluation Contest, Ryan Galazka – 1st place Humorous Speech Contest, Shawn Smith, Debbie Hunt, Debbie Bolt, Trish Bateman, Ashley Engl – Area 15 director 

Area 21

Area 21 contest

Area 22

Area 23

Area 23 contest photo


Area 24 contest

L to R: Divakar Singh, Humorous Contestant 2nd Place, Diana Irizarry, Area Director, Penne Vincent, ContestMaster, Christopher Tumminelli, HumorousContestant, First Place, Ashley Larracuente, Evaluation Contestant, 1st Place, Sam Otto, Division B Director

Area 31

Area 32

Area 33

Area 33 contest

Area 34

Area 41

Area 42

Area 43

Area 44

Area 44 - humor  Area 44 - Eval

Humorous Contest Winners Left photo (L-R): Burt Beebe (2nd place – Carpe Diem), Alejandro Aguilar (1st place – Shut Up & Speak) and Antonia McMullan (3rd place – Speak Up – CNY)

Evaluation Speech Contest Winners Right Photo (L-R): 1st place: Lori VanWhy (Speak Up – CNY); 2nd place: Elaine Waloshin (Barrier Breakers)

Area 51

Area 52

Area 53


Area 54

Area 55/Area 56

Area 55-56 contest

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October 2017 Newsletter

Here is your October 2017 – District 65 Newsletter

Oct 2017 Newsletter

Click Here or the Image Above to Download

District 65 Newsletter – October 2017



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Club – Harris Spacetalkers

Club Spotlight:

Harris Spacetalkers Officers

by Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

We are always looking for clubs that are building better, stronger and larger clubs. This month we met with the club officers of Harris Spacetalkers to discuss how they have already added 8 new members to their club since July 1st of this year.

Harris Spacetalkers Interview

You can click on the image above or the link below to watch the replay of their interview and learn from their insights, ideas and answers to our questions.

Click Here to Watch Recording


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Club Success Plans

Club Success Plans

by Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

TM Club Success Plan

As many of you know, the Club Success Plan is a vital tool for the success of any club. But all too often, clubs just ignore the process of completing this valuable blueprint to success.

This district has offered a monetary incentive to clubs that take the time to complete theirs and submit it to the district before December 31st, 2017.

We will give each club a $25 gift certificate to the TI Store that can be used to purchase supplies or anything else that the club needs.

We have also provided a link the Club Success Plan as an MS Word document that you can download, fill in, save and email to the district to receive your $25 incentive.

Click Here to Download the File:

Club Success Plan as an MS Word .doc file


This document was provide and edited by several of our great toastmasters. Mike Reinbolt and Molly Duteau both added input and helped us make this process easier for you. Please thank them for their efforts.

When complete, you can email this .doc file to to receive your $25 incentive. Thank you for taking the time to help your club succeed.

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Paving Road To DTM

Paving the Road to Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

By Dan Ferens, DTM

Dan Ferens
With Pathways coming early next year, Toastmasters will only have 24 months after that to get a DTM under the current educational program. Since DTM is the only rank that carries over into the Pathways program, quite a few of you in District 65 have shown interest in getting it. We are doing several things to help.

First of all, there is a group that meets once a month on Zoom to discuss various activities and to address any questions anyone has. The next meeting is Sunday, October 15, 7:00-8:30 PM, and will feature a presentation on “planning a DTM using a personal DTM mentor”. There will also be a Zoom meeting on November 19. If you want to join the group, please send an e-mail to Dan Ferens, the group leader, at . Dan will also answer any questions you have via personal e-mail.

Second, there are resources available. The District 65 web site has a tab “Path to DTM” which will include useful information, including a paper titled “Paving the Road to DTM” that addresses some questions Toastmasters often have. Also, there is a 29-page ”Road to DTM” document available on the Select Toastmasters club web site; the link is http://selecttoastmasters.toastmastersclubs.org/. There is also an appendix on selecting advanced communication manuals.

If you are working on your DTM, take advantage of what is available. Of course, many members of our District are always willing to help.

We’d like to invite and challenge you, our advanced toastmasters to take that extra step to earn your DTM before the change. Then you can earn another with the Pathways Program moving forward.

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Mingling Open House

Mastering Mingling at an Open House

By Carina Paton

Carina Paton

Yet another wonderful opportunity to practice your mingling skills is nigh. That’s right, it’s Open House season again! As a club member, you have one of the most crucial roles at your club’s upcoming open house… to float and interact with guests.

Every club is unique because it is composed of unique individuals. And because you are one of those individuals you are the ideal spokesperson. Is your heart suddenly aflutter because you have no idea what to say to guests? Never fear, your mingling mastery guide is here!

By simply attending your club open house, you move up the mingling mastery ranks from a Notworker to a Safety Networker. I encourage you to use this upcoming event to push yourself to progress the next level in mingling mastery, which I call a “cabinetworker.”

The cabinetworker takes standard items that are stored on the shelf in their cabinet and uses them to help network. These are the building blocks that can help you make a new connection. Standard items many cabinetworkers have on their shelves are:

· Hi, I’m (name). And you?

· What do you do for a living?

· Where do you work/study?

· Where are you from?

These are great questions to pull out when you are making your first courageous foray into mingling. They are easy to ask, and because they are so commonly asked, generally easy to give a well-rehearsed answer to.

In the open house environment, we can stock much more valuable questions on our cabinet shelves:

· How did you learn about us?

Not only is this an extremely easy question to ask and answer (and therefore an easy way to begin a conversation), it’s a simple way to find out what marketing and outreach methods are working for your club.

· Why did you decide to come to our meeting today?

Asking about a guest’s motivations help us frame how we can help them. Rather than rattle off the myriad ways that Toastmasters is beneficial, it’s much more effective to listen to the guest’s motivations for coming, and then aid them in understanding how your club can help them meet their goals.

· What did you think about our meeting?

Asking this question one-on-one helps threefold: 1. It gives us immediate feedback on meeting from the perspective of a guest. 2. It gives the guest an opportunity to practice giving an evaluation in a non-threatening environment, and they feel that their opinions are heard and valued. 3. It can often serve as a bridge to further conversation on an aspect of the meeting or the club that they are interested in.

· Can I answer any questions?

Remember that guests are in an unfamiliar environment, and they may be afraid to speak up. Asking this lets them know that it is okay to ask questions. Even if they can’t think of any questions right at that moment, it lets them know that you are willing to help them understand what Toastmasters is all about.

· Would you like to join our club?

This is the question that guests are often waiting to be asked, so don’t be afraid to put it out there!

Now that you have the tools to be a proficient cabinetworker at your upcoming open house, go and give your club all that you have. And remember: You can practice these mingling questions year-round. Every time there’s a guest at your club meeting is one more opportunity to push the boundaries of your comfort zone that little bit further. You might be surprised just how flexible those boundaries can be!

This is the third installment of a series encouraging fellow District 65 Toastmasters to take every opportunity to develop their mingling skills. The first two articles are Making Large Groups Less Scary and Push Past Your Safety Net.

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Pathways Brave New World

Pathways To A Brave New World

By Keith Maderer, DTM

As we move into the new world of digital communication and presentations, we have to look forward and embrace the way our technological innovation is helping us make life easier.

Well your new Toastmasters Pathways Program is doing just that. Here are the ten pathways that you can follow on your journey into the future. I am excited to begin these new projects and learning new, different and better ways to communicate.

TI PathwaysSome of the Dynamic New Projects include:

  • Podcasting

  • Ethical Leadership

  • Blogging

  • Conducting online meetings and more!

Every member will have their own Base Camp online that will feature the following:

  • Engaging videos that model skills that you are learning

  • Opportunities to earn and award digital badges

  • Interactive quizzes and activities

  • Ability to share feedback online

As we move into next year, you will have the opportunity to explore this new Pathways program and start energizing your new skill set. Learning is a lifetime event.

When you stop learning… you stop thinking… and you stop growing.

I don’t know about you… but I am not ready for that yet.

For more information about the Pathways Program, click here:



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Using Visual Aids

Video: How To Use Visual Aids

by Toastmasters International

Video- visual aids

Using visual aids can be a great way to get your message across, but don’t rely on them as a cheat sheet. Your audience wants to hear your insights, stories and expertise. Not read it on the screen.

Learn how to effectively use visual aids and make sure your next presentation is a success! Here is a link to a great video directed by Toastmasters International. Take a look and learn how to use visual aids… better.

Click the Image above or this link to watch the video:


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