Proxy Deadline

The Deadline Is Rapidly Approaching. Make sure the voice of District 65 is Heard.
If you CANNOT attend the International Business Meeting in Vancouver, BC, you CAN share your vote or proxy your vote to someone that is attending or a member of our District 65 Executive committee. 
Here is how:  Club Secretary and Club President Only
Step 1: Go to:
Step 2: log in at the top of the page
Step 3: then click Leadership Central
Step 4: then click Club Central
Step 5: then click “Club Proxy” under the club Administration section
Step 6: At bottom of page, select your club proxy from the choices below.
            It will look like this:
Step 7: Do you need to vote for each item? You can, but if not, your proxy will vote on your behalf. 
Step 8: Then just go to the end of the page and submit.
Your ballot will be electronically sent to the proxy of your choice.
If you have any questions, please let me know or you can contact Toastmasters international directly at 

+1 949-858-8255 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time, Mon.–Fri.
Thank you for your help. 
Keith Maderer
Club Growth Director
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District Sponsored Incentives

District 65 Incentives for 2017-2018


August 1, 2017

Dear District 65 Toastmasters,

The incentives this year will be in place throughout the year. As with every year, it is important that we end out all of our incentives by June 1, 2018 to enable the finances to be closed out and able to be turned over to the next District team. We hope you understand our need to incentivize the District but also to enable a smooth transition to the next team.

Club Building

In order to bring in new members, it is important to showcase our clubs and to have open houses.  In the past, record keeping has become an issue on how money was spent, etc. For every open house hosted by a club, the club will receive $50 from the District for the TI store. To be eligible, the club officer must submit the date and time of the event, and a general assessment of the event in terms of success and/or failure, including a short lesson learned. This incentive can be used once in the summer/fall, and once in the spring. The incentive will not be reimbursed for any open house taking place after June 1, 2018.

Program Quality:

Lessons learned have showed that clubs developing a club success plan perform better. The plan must also be developed and implemented in a timely manner, if it is to be effective. For this reason, every club that develops a valid club success plan, submitted by December 31, 2017, the District will provide $25 to the club.

Membership Strength:

The District has had membership retention and membership challenges, yet consistently strong clubs outperform weaker clubs, in terms of numbers. For every club that recruits and brings in 4 new members, the District will provide $25 to that club for the TI store. To be eligible, the club officer must submit the date and time of the event, and a general assessment. This must be a new member to District 65 and not a dual member. It can be a reinstated member, if the member has been out of Toastmasters for the past year or more. A member can also be a transfer, if the member is transferring from another geographical region.

District Pride Cup Incentive:

This year the District Pride Cup has a new set of criteria. We believe that this is a way for even struggling clubs to be able to win this award. Click on the link below to take a look at the new criteria and start planning your club success plan to help achieve it.

District Pride Cup Criteria – Click Here

Notes regarding collecting the incentives listed above:

1) The District will place an order to TI once per quarter. Your club may choose to spend any earned District Bucks by sending your supply order list to the District Director, up to the amount you have earned. Any amount greater would need to be paid to the District prior to the order being placed. The dates an order will be placed will be noted on the District 65 calendar, accessible via our webpage. Shipping and handling will be taken into consideration when placing the order. Our goal is to ensure clubs spend the bucks and that having to come up with the money up front is not a hindrance to earning and using the incentives.

2) All expenditures for reimbursement greater than $50 must be approved PRIOR to the expense being incurred or the District will not reimburse it.

3) A completed voucher and corresponding receipts must be submitted within 30 days of incurring the expense. We plan the budget, by month, for when we believe the expenses will be incurred.

4) The District Director and Finance Manager will meet a minimum of once per month to review/sign Reimbursement Voucher requests and checks. One checks are signed, they will be mailed to the Club per the information on the voucher.

5) Payments will NOT be made to individuals for club expense reimbursement without PRIOR approval. The only exception will be in situations when the club is prohibited from having a bank account (corporate sponsors may not permit the club to open an account due to presumed tax liability or corporate policy).

Please reach out to the any member of the District Trio if you have questions about the incentives described above. Also note, the incentives as stated may be subject to change during this Toastmaster year, without prior notice, as deemed necessary to meet the District Success Plan and Financial goals. Any changes made will be posted promptly on the District website and noted in District Leader email/social media communications. Awards earned prior to a change will be honored.


Your D65 Trio

Ellen Pieklo, District 65 Director
Lillian Knight-Faison, Program Quality Director
Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director
Toastmasters International
Where Leaders Are Made

For questions, please contact the District Trio at

Click here for a PDF copy.

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August 2017 Newsletter

Here is your August 2017 – District 65 Newsletter

August 2017 -D65 Newsletter cover

Click Here or Image Above to Download:

August 2017 – District 65 Newsletter

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If You Fail To Plan

Tips From Our Past

If You Fail To Plan, You Are Planning To Fail

by Jared Kronenberg, DTM, PDG

Jared Kronenberg

This mantra was repeated over and over during club officer trainings and district leadership sessions. I wasn’t sure what it really meant until I became a club president. As I am sure everyone experiences, club officers come from one of two categories: those who are passionate and want to serve vs. those who were “arm-twisted” (or “volun-told”) to fill a position. Although each group has different motivations for taking on their officer responsibilities, both have the same goal: to be successful.

I have taken positions where I had a good idea of what was required (or thought I did…), but I didn’t have a handle on the year until I sat down with my fellow officers and began talking about our goals. Some people would emerge with their “big ideas” of how to completely transform the club into a beaming metropolis of constant visitors and engaged members. Others would use their past experiences—either as a club member, an officer, or both—to “correct” those wide-eyed officers to the error of their ways, identifying assumptions that will “never work” and serving as the devil’s advocate to all changes. Still, there are others who spent most of the time remaining quiet, listening to everyone, and providing opinions and limited comments that are usually profound and insightful.

In my lawyerly way, I submit that there is a place at the table for all of these officers. Knowledge of the past is instructive, openness to new ideas is vital, and a willingness to try something new is brave. No one likes to be the first to suggest that something isn’t working, but we should embrace those comments and recognize that they are not meant to be destructive, but rather an honest recognition that the club is not meeting a specific need of a member (or many members, as the case may be). On the other hand, a new year is not the time to throw out everything done by our predecessors. Just because our names are not attached to something doesn’t mean that it is wrong and cannot be touched.

We are all in Toastmasters to improve ourselves. Let’s treat this new year, with new officers, and hopefully lots of new members, as our chance to make meaningful changes and recognize that different does not mean wrong. Instead of letting the process play itself out, venture into this opportunity with purpose and create a plan that every member can be a part of and contribute to. Let this Toastmasters year be the year to embrace the past… and the new… together.

This… is a true plan for success.

Jared Kronenberg, DTM

Past District Governor (2014-15), District 65

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Out With A Bang

Going Out With A Bang

The Last Fall Conference for District 65

If you have not been to a District Conference before, you are not going to want to miss this one. It is the last Fall Conference and it will be another great event. Aside from the District Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests, educational workshops, great meals and lots of new friends from all over the district and world… You will get to meet and listen to Jim Key.

Jim Key is a humorist, a coach and a consultant. But he is also the the Toastmasters International 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking.

You will laugh… you will learn… and you will find inspiration in his words.

You don’t want to miss this one. Sign up early. We only have room for 300 toastmasters and when the seats are gone… so is your last opportunity.

If you would like to help out with this final Fall conference, you can reach out to our conference co-chairs:

Karen Aubrecht Donovan –

Debbie Hunt –

The other great toastmasters on this conference committee are, Julie Ricchiazzi, Elizabeth Evanisko, Saundra Loffredo, Mike Reinbolt, Pam Gorman, Joe Loffredo, Kevin Cratsley and maybe YOU… very soon.

Click this link for more conference information:

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Quality Takes Commitment

HS_LillianFaison-300x200Program Quality Takes Commitment

Greetings fellow Toastmasters. Thank you for your service to District 65 and your commitment to improve your communication and Leadership skills. You are appreciated and I thank each of you for the opportunity to serve.

As your District 65 Program Quality Director I am excited about increasing the quality of our Programs. We want to increase the opportunity of engagement and networking with our members and District Leaders. Make up officer training will be done in each division. We have approximately 700 officers in District 65. Our goal is to increase the officers trained in our District to 100 percent.

Trained officers create a better member experience and improve club quality. This supports the District 65 goal for club growth and membership retention. We want our clubs operating at charter strength which is 20 members.

There are many Leadership opportunities outside our club experience. Presenters are needed for officer make up training sessions, workshops and the winter TLI’s.

If you would like to help with our Fall or Spring Conference please reach out to your District Leaders.

Participation in our contests allows us to increase our communication and leadership skills. Growth can be achieved when members step outside their comfort zone. Increased participation in Club, Area, and Division and District contest is an opportunity to accomplish the District 65 goals. Invite your coworkers, family, and friends and community to your contest. Share your story.

Toastmasters create Leaders. Our world is in need of leaders with positive communication skills.

Thank you for your engagement and participation regarding increasing the quality of our Toastmaster Programs. We need your input on how you want our training and programs to be structured and what works best for you… the member. We look forward to helping you expand your communication and leadership skills.

I value fun and teamwork in Toastmasters. It has been my experience that we can accomplish our goals if we all work together as a team.

Our theme is “Make Toastmasters Part of Your Story”. When you share your toastmasters experience with others, they become a part of your Toastmaster Story. I wish you the best.


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Finding Speech Topics

Finding Speech Topics – Video

Speech Topic Video

For many toastmasters, finding a speech topic is one of their biggest challenges. But there is good news. Toastmasters International has a great video that will help you to make this process easier. It is only 5 minutes and packed with 5 great ways to find speech topics everywhere. Click here to watch the video.




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Proxy Voting

We Need Your Proxy


by Ellen Pieklo, DTM – District 65 Director

Don’t let your club’s vote go to waste. If you are a club president or Club Secretary, your voice needs to be heard. Every club receives 2 votes at the International Convention – Annual Business Meeting. Please follow the steps below.

The Annual Business Meeting will be held on August 26 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Your voice is important, and you have a significant role to play in this process. Start by learning about the candidates and proposed amendments. At your next club meeting, discuss which candidates best meet the future needs of Toastmasters International and which proposals you are in agreement with. Make it official with a vote to determine how the club’s votes will be cast.

If no one in your club is planning to attend the meeting, you may designate a proxyholder to cast the club’s votes. Proxyholders are required to vote in the manner a club designates; if a voting preference is not designated, the proxyholder may vote in their own best interest.

NOTE: The club president and secretary must assign the club votes. If the votes are not assigned, they cannot be cast. Votes must be assigned even if you are assigning the votes to yourself.

To assign the club votes, go to, log in, choose the club(s) you are assigning proxies for and click on Club Proxy. If you have any questions about the voting process, please email .

  • Step 1: Learn about candidates and proposed amendments
  • Step 2: Visit Club Central, log in and click Club Proxy.
  • Step 3: Vote and electronically sign your name at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 4: Thank you – You have helped your Club and District.
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FUN Meeting Ideas

By Keith Maderer, DTM – Club Growth Director

Fun meeting make members and guests welcome and engaged. Here is another fun idea that everyone can participate in.

book review

BOOK REVIEW MEETING: Announce this meeting at least 2 weeks in advance and ask each member to prepare a short 2-4 minute presentation on a book of their choice. The assigned topic would be to review a book the member read, liked, hated, would recommend, would not recommend, should be burned, etc.

The object would be to get everybody up to the lectern to share their short review. The book reviews will enlighten other members as to what type of literature they are interested in and whether or not the book is worth reading.

These type of meetings can help members bond and become more engaged with each other. If guests re in attendance they will get to see some short, interesting presentations that are tailor made by your members.

These short presentations are a cross between a full speech and an evaluation. With 40 to 50 minutes available for a one hour meeting, you can continue to have a Word of the Day, Ahh Counter, Grammarian and a General Evaluator. The Toastmaster can introduce each member with the book’s title and author that they are reviewing.

Have fun with it and you are guaranteed to be exposed to some valuable lessons and great literature.


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Making Large Groups Less Scary

Meeting Mixing Motivations

Making Large Groups… Less ScaryMingling at meeting

By Carina Paton

Carina Paton

When I first ventured to events above the club level last year, the first thing that I noticed is that people were tending to stick with the people they knew. This is great to continue building relationships with people that you may not see as often as you like, but it’s not so great for the first-timers who have not yet built their “circle.”

I noticed this phenomenon because I was that first-timer. I sat and talked with a couple others in my club who attended the conference. One of the reasons that I came to the conference was to meet new Toastmasters that I could learn from. But despite my best efforts, my fellow club members were pretty much the only ones I talked with. It did not feel like an environment in which I could approach people that I didn’t know.

Those of you that attended Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) trainings (a.k.a. officer training) in Batavia and Syracuse this past month may have noticed that it felt different than the last one you went to. Our new District TRIO, Ellen, Lillian and Keith, encouraged everyone sit next to people that they did not already know, and get to know them.

You may have grumbled about it feeling like a forced speed networking session—but honestly, did you feel that way because it put you a little bit outside your comfort zone? The result was incredible! By the time lunch came around, people chose to sit with “strangers” and it was hard to hear over all the wonderful discussions that people were having over their salads and sandwiches.

This is the first step our District has taken this year to create a welcoming environment for all. And a welcoming environment is one of those “intangibles” that Corey Wilson and Alex Turner, spoke about in their presentations both at the TLI and in their workshop in the Spring conference in Rochester earlier this year. If we create a culture of welcoming environments, we will have more successful clubs, areas, divisions, and districts—and as a result we will have more successful members.

We are always telling new members that Toastmasters is a safe place to try things out. But we forget that this also applies to our social skills, our mingling skills, our networking skills—whatever you call it. Your next club meeting is the perfect opportunity to push the boundary of your comfort zone ever so slightly. Often people will tend to sit in the same seat, next to the same people meeting after meeting. Mix it up!

When you next enter your meeting room, ask yourself: “Who haven’t I chatted with for a while?” Sit next to them. Ask how their week has been or what they did over the weekend. Ask about their family. Ask about their work. Ask about their next goal in Toastmasters and how you can help them.

Take every opportunity to practice those skills—the more you practice, the more confident and friendly you will be, and the more you will help your club, area, division, district and yourself.

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