Contest Photos – D65 – Spring 2018

Contest Photos

International Speech and Tall Tales Contest

Spring 2018

We will post photos from your contests here. Please submit a photo from your Area or Division contest and we will post them on this page. If Possible, please include a short message with names, winners, etc. Email photos and message to –

Thank you.

Division A:

Div A 2018

 Pictured: Karen Moronski-Chapman, Area 11 Director; Glenn Gordon, DTM, Division A Director; Jennifer James, Tall Tales 3rd place; Adam Hammer, Tall Tales 1st Place; Aric Gaughan, Contest Master; Ashley Dietrick, International Speech 1st Place; Tania Cervoni, International Speech 2nd place; Gourab Mitra, International 3rd place; Susan Willavize, Area 13 Director; Pam Gorman, Area 12 Director; and (not pictured) Marty Johnson, Tall Tales 2nd Place

Division B:

Division B -1      Div B - 2

Division C:

Division D:

Division E:

Area 11

Area 11 Contest

Area 12

Area 12 Spring 2018 - winners

Area 13

Area 13 Contest

Area 14

Area 14 from 2-2018

Area 15

Area 15 contest

Area 21

Area 21 contest

Area 22

Area 23

Area 24

Area 31

Area 32

Area 33

Area 33 Contest Group Photo- large

Area 34

Area 41

Area 42

Area 43

Area 44

Area 44 Spring Contest

Area 51

Area 52

Area 53

Area 54

Area 55

Area 56

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