Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Award – By Year

Gerri C. Sullivan 2016-17 Orange Orator E
Melvie Hall-Bellinger 2016-17 Fredrick Douglas C
Rachelle R. Cohen 2016-17 Mohawk Valley E
Lillian Knight-Faison 2016-17 Lyceum C
Kelly Saucke Roland 2016-17 Postprandial B
John P. McCormick 2016-17 Daybreakers B
Sylvester Anderson 2015-16 Frederick Douglass C
Karen Albright Donovan [2] 2015-16 Moog A
John Montgomery 2015-16 Morning Knights D
Brion Keller 2015-16 Morning Knights D
Peter Smith 2015-16 Toast of the nation E
Kristin Badger-Bach 2015-16 AM Lockport A
Seema Sureshkumar 2015-16 Orange Orators E
Keith Maderer 2015-16 The Larkin Leaders A
Jennifer Power 2015-16 Empire Statesmen E
Alberta Latimer-Hunt 2015-16 Lyceum C
Sam Mehta (2) 2014-15 Empire Statesmen E
Marcy Dexheimer 2014-15 Downtown Toastmasters A
Clifford Milligan 2014-15 Blues Expression C
Kate Olsen (5) 2014-15 Inspired Speakers C
John Sleeth 2014-15 Empire Statesmen E
Shirley Malone 2014-15 Toastitarians C
Corey Wilson 2014-15 Pinnacle Toastmasters C
Ellen Pieklo 2014-15 TNT Toastmasters C
Gil Stern 2014-15 Postprandial A
Jonathan Mack 2014-15 Morning Knights D
Elliot J. Katz 2014-15 TNT Toastmasters C
Rhea Ann McBride 2014-15 The Communicators C
Kathleen McKenna 2014-15 Speakers of the House D
Monica Van Auken 2014-15 Toasting the Blues E
Noel Patrick Dill 2014-15 Clarence A
Leonard Scott 2013-14 Roman Orators Eastern
Rosemary Markoff 2013-14 Morning Knights Southern
Arlen Brown 2013-14 Frederick Douglass Central
Eva Miller 2013-14 Frederick Douglass Central
Roger Morehouse 2013-14 Crown City Southern
Eldridge McClaney 2103-14 Life Learners Central
Philip Russell 2013-14 AM Lockport Western
Gerald Stevens 2013-14 AM Lockport Western
Kate Olsen (4) 2013-14 Spartan Speakers Eastern
Rosanna Yule 2013-14 MCC  Central
Charulata Chawan            2013-14  Orange Orators Eastern
Michael McDermott   2013-14 MCC  Central
Ellary Mori  2013-14 Downtown  Central
Thomas Frisk 2012-13 Postprandial  Central
Dennis Gauda  2012-13 Clarence  Western
Linda Juteau 2012-13 Mohawk Valley  Eastern
Sherry Hunt 2012-13 Toasting The Blues Eastern
Kate Olsen (3) 2012-13 Frederick Douglass  Central
Gloria Gibbon 2012-13 Preferred  Eastern
Paul C. German 2012-13 Professionally Speaking Central
Alan Turof (2) 2011-12 Professionally Speaking Central
Jared Kronenberg 2011-12 Rochester High Noon Club Central
Lisa Lundy 2011-12 Clarence  Western
Kate Olsen (2) 2011-12 Spartan Speakers Eastern
Rawn Spearman 2011-12 Morning Knights  Southern
Linda Lathrop 2010-11 Twin Tiers  Southern
Joanne Greene-Blose 2010-11 Toasted Sage Central
Lester Robinson 2010-11 AM Lockport  Western
Warren Musselman 2010-11 Morning Knights  Southern
Jane Tassi 2009-10 P.O.W. E. R.  Central
Stephanie Siuda 2009-10 P.O.W.E. R.  Central
Mark Hess 2009-10 Speakeasy Western
Betsy Kalweit 2009-10 Lilac City Central
Thomas Sergeant 2009-10 Lilac City Central
Kate Olsen (1) 2009-10 Geneva TMs Central
Taz Cannon 2008-09 Cayuga  Southern
Gilbert Gould 2008-09 Mohawk Valley  Eastern
Patricia Janecek 2008-09 Energetics  Eastern
Joseph Bianco 2008-09 Mohawk Valley   Eastern
Charles Dowdell  2008-09 Raymond  Southern
Semant Jain 2008-09 Praxair  Western
Diana Robinson 2008-09 Toastitarians  Central
Gordon Penniston (3) 2008-09 Rochester High Noon Central
Daniel Weselak 2008-09 Westwinds Western
Catherine Shannon 2008-09 Lyceum Club Central
Sandra Rivera 2008-09 Geneva / HUD TM (Wash DC) Central
Reid Weidman 2007-08 Westside Club Central
Gordon Penniston (2) 2007-08 Toasted Sage Central
Margo Sue Bittner 2007-08 AM Lockport  Western
Mike Berta 2007-08 Grand Pioneer  Western
Lois Cheney 2007-08 Barrier Breakers  Southern
Ashok Subramanian 2007-08 Endicott Club Southern
Timothy Gribben 2006-07 Postprandial  Central
Marlene Markham 2006-07 Impressionist’s  Central
Joan Sprague 2006-07 Endicott Club Southern
Barbara Wallace 2006-07 Northpointe  Western
Kay Whipple 2006-07 Life Learners  Central
Edie Pereira-Hulbert 2005-06 Speak Up  Central
Patrick Olson 2005-06 Speak Up  Central
Peggy Caselle 2005-06 Savvy Speakers  Eastern
Mary Bell 2005-06 Impressionist’s  Central
Dan Ferens 2004-05 Mohawk Valley  Eastern
Gloria Langston (2) 2004-05 Lyceum Club Central
Joaquim Flores 2004-05 Impressionist’s  Central
Rita Beard 2003-04 Bristol Speakers Eastern
DeWitt Henricks 2003-04 Morning Knights  Southern
Sam Mehta (1) 2003-04 Empire Statesmen Eastern
John Lamanna 2003-04 Select TM  Eastern
Harry Carlson 2003-04 AM Lockport Western
Rick Major 2003-04 Syracuse Club Eastern
Gordon Penniston (1) 2002-03 Rochester High Noon Central
Jonathan Wright 2002-03 Morning Knights Southern
Carol Stafford 2002-03 Daybreakers  Central
Rosemarie Eskes 2002-03 TNT  Central
Bernie Czarnecki 2002-03 Grand Pioneer Western
Phyllis Coombs 2002-03 Select  Eastern
Dave Dube 2001-02 Empire Statesmen Eastern
Richard Czarnecki 1999 Grand Pioneer Western
Ruth Parmenter 1999 Empire Statesmen Eastern 
Carol Reed 1999 Fulton  Eastern
Pamela Occhino 1998 Downtown Western
Alfred Smith 1997 TNT  Central
Marian Lamanna (2) 1997 Select  Eastern
George Reed 1997 Fulton  Eastern
Betty Muka 1997 Cayuga Club Southern
Marian Lamanna (1) 1996 Wagon Wheel  Eastern
Arnold Krueger 1996 Lilac City Central
Vicky Wienke 1994 Downtown Western
James Sokolowski 1994 Empire Statesmen Eastern
John Lum 1994 Speechcrafters  Central
Donna Sokolowski 1993 Talk-Eaze Eastern
Nancy Scott (2) 1991 Lyceum Club Central
Terry Schutt 1987 Link Toastmasters  Southern
Gloria Langston (1) 1986 Postprandial  Central
Dennis Froio 1985 Morning Knights Southern
Lois Cole 1985 Empire Statesmen Eastern
Kenneth Hull 1984 Morning Knights Southern
Joe Cole  1984 Empire Statesmen Eastern
Nancy Scott (1) 1983 Westside Club Central
Alfred Smith 1982 TNT  Central
Hal Blair 1981 Morning Knights Southern
Raymond Tardiff 1981 Westside Club Central
Frederick Ludwick 1980 Empire Statesmen Eastern
Alan Turof (1) 1979 Postprandial  Central

Alphabetical list of DTMs, where the date of award not available:

Andy Anderson   Kodak Club Central
Terence Bilancio   Wine Country  Southern
Leon Blake (1990s) Frederick Douglass  Central
Fern Butler   Savvy Speakers  Eastern
George Havens   Kodak Club Central
Ruth Kelly   Speechcrafters  Central
Thomas Kittell   Speakeasy  Western
Richard Major   Syracuse Club Eastern
Ruth Mason   Wagon Wheel Eastern
Virginia Moszkowicz   Kodak TM Central
Curtis Naus   Speechcrafters  Central
Robert Otis   Fulton Toastmasters Eastern
Patrick Panfile   Postprandial  Central
George Poulkis   Fulton Toastmasters Eastern
Betty  Saunders   Postprandial  Central
Sean Stafford   Endicott Club Southern
Richard Westerberg   High Noon  Southern
Peter Zachmann      
Note: DTM records are taken from TI’s web site starting from to 2003-2004 to 2016-2017 Toastmaster years. Attempts have been made to contact individual DTMs in D-65 to obtain the necessary information where possible and available. If the readers find that a particular name of a DTM in D-65 is omitted, please inform the respective District Director. This list will be updated every six months, as new and up-to-date information is made available and reported.
Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG
February 28, 2018
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