District Council and DEC Meetings 2018

What is the District Council?

Sometimes called the DC, the District Council is comprised of the following members of District 65:

  • All DEC members (see below)
  • All club Presidents
  • All club Vice Presidents Education

District 65 holds two District Council meetings each year, one during each district conference. These are often listed in the conference agendas as Business Meetings. These meetings are used to consider and vote on items such as approving budgets, electing district officers, changing district procedures and bylaws, re-aligning clubs, and other district business.

Any Toastmaster may attend a District Council meeting and a conference registration is not required to do so. However, only the voting members of the District Council (listed above) may make motions, discuss motions, vote, and transact other business. At times, non-DC members may be asked to deliver reports of some kind and these Toastmasters will be notified in advance of the need for them to speak.


What is a Proxy?

Either the club president or vice president education of any member club may designate, in writing, any active individual member of the club to act as a proxy for him or her at any district council meeting. This form is then handed in at the credentials desk to recieve a ballot for casting votes.

Why is a Proxy important?

It is necessary that we have a quorum of votes in attendance at the council meetings. Without a minimum number of ballots necessary, the district can not put any new business to a vote for approval and acceptance.

Proxy FAQs

Can a club’s president or VPE pick up the vote for the other officer if only one of them attends the district council meeting??
Yes, the intent is to have each club represented by two votes. If one officer or the other cannot attend, the officer attending can pick up both votes and does not need a signed proxy to do so.
Can a club proxy, holding a vote from one of the officers, pick up the vote for the other club officer if they do not attend?
Yes. Similar to the above question, the intent is to have each club represented by two votes.
If my club’s president and VPE forgot to assign their proxy to a club officer, can I call them and have them assign it to me over the phone?
No, we need to have a signed, paper proxy. Perhaps they could fax it or scan and email so that you could get it printed.
No one from my club can attend the district council meeting. May we assign our proxy to a friend from another club who is going to attend?
Only an active member of your club may carry your club’s proxy. You cannot assign it to a member of another club. This includes district officers like your area director.
I’m pretty sure that last time I assigned my votes to the District Director. Why can’t I do that this time?
That was probably for the International Annual Business Meeting which takes place every year at the International Convention. That is a different meeting and has different rules. For our District Council meetings, clubs must send their own representatives in order to have a voice in the proceedings. For the International Business meeting, your club can assign it’s votes to the District Director or any active Toastmaster (even one who is not in your district.)
I am a member (or I am an officer) in two clubs. May I carry the votes for both clubs?
A club member or officer may only carry two votes. You could carry one from each or two from one. The only exception to this is that District Officers each get one vote for being a District Officer. So a District Officer may carry a total of three votes.
I do not have a proxy for my club but I am interested in seeing how our district council works. May I attend the district council?
Absolutely! The District Council meeting is open to all Toastmasters and it’s wonderful when people want to watch, learn, and be involved. Please do attend.
What is the District Executive Committee?

Often referred to as the DEC (pronounced like “deck”,) the District Executive Committee is comprised of all District 65 officers:

  • All Area Directors
  • All Division Directors
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Club Growth Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • District Director
  • Immediate Past District Director

Committee chairs such as those of the Audit Committee, District Leadership Committee, Conference Committee, etc, are not members of the DEC unless they are also district officers. Apart from these leadership roles, only individuals who are invited by the district director and have specific business before the committee may attend district executive committee meetings. In order to conduct business at these meetings, a quorum is required. A quorum is established when a majority of district executive committee members attend the meeting.

The district executive committee reviews and approves the District Success Plan; approves the budget and oversees the financial operation of the district; recommends the assignment of clubs to areas and divisions; reviews recommendations and reports of district committees, including those of the audit committee; and performs any duties assigned by the district council.