Fall Conference Logo

WANTED: a LOGO for the District 65 Fall Conference, which will be held in Syracuse.

Conference theme: Toastmasters ABC’s – Advance Beyond Competent, Your Potential is Limitless!

Vision for the conference: For attendees to receive practical information that can be applied both in their clubs as well as in their personal and professional lives to improve our members’ Toastmasters skills as well as strengthen our clubs’ membership.

Although we have no funds to pay for a logo, the person or company who develops our logo will be recognized at the conference and the logo will appear in the program, District 65 website, signage, internal and external communications. And you would have the satisfaction of seeing your creation everywhere at the District 65 Fall Conference, not to mention our deepest and sincerest gratitude 😊

All submissions must meet the Toastmasters International Brand Standards and must be approved by Toastmasters International.

The brand manual may be found on the Toastmasters International site or contact Roger Morehouse.

If you or someone you know would be like to submit a logo, please send submissions to us at by June 15, 2016.

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