Next New Member

Who Is Your Next New Member?

Why Member Personas Matter

Keith Maderer, DTM, Club Growth Director

Member Personas

Wouldn’t it be great to know who the next new member coming through the door of your meeting would be?

Well Toastmasters International recently completed a extensive and through research project with focus groups from all over the world to find that answer for you. At our Regional Training for District Officers in Raleigh, NC last month, we were one of the first groups to see and discuss the findings of this study.

Toastmasters has decided to begin an advertising campaign across several test markets and they wanted to know who is target of their advertising.

YES you heard me right… they are gong to be rolling out an international advertising program to create awareness about the benefits and skills that toastmasters provides.

Your club could be the recipient of that advertising…

  • if your club is ready
  • If your club website is inviting enough to a prospect
  • if your officers respond to an inquiry
  • if your meetings are fun, engaging and educational
  • if your group is welcoming and encouraging

I have outlined the 6 personas that toastmasters has identified as prime candidates for new membership. The advertising program will only focus of the first 4 as Toastmasters found that The Self-Help enthusiast and the Retiree are going to join anyway and they will find a club even without advertising. The other 4 groups need to become aware of toastmasters and how we can help them.

  1. Young Professionals
  2. The Career Advancer
  3. The International Professionals
  4. The Mature Manager
  5. The Self Help Enthusiast
  6. The Retiree

The link below will take you to the complete PDF document that was shared. In it you will find out more about each persona type and what motivates them to join and stay with your Toastmasters group. Take a look now and be ready when they come calling.

Click Her to download and view the complete PDF:


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