Beyond the Club — Contests

Twice per year, speech contests are held at the club. area, division and district levels. In the spring, the winner of the International Speech contest at the district level will also compete at the World Championship of Public Speaking at the International Convention.

The categories for the fall speech contests are at the discretion of the District Director and will be two of the following: Tall Tales, Humorous, Table Topics or Evaluation.  For the spring contests, they will be the International Speech, and one of the remaining categories not used for the fall contests.

Each level of the contests will allow the participant to speak in front of a different audience, in a different venue. Usually, this will enhance the speakers skills.

The rulebook for the speech contests can be downloaded from this link: Speech Contest Rulebook .

Each year, modifications to the rulebook are made; the changes for 2017-2018 are located here: Rulebook Changes