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Fall 2017 Contest Corner
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District 65, along with all other Toastmasters International districts, are required to hold four speech contests per Toastmasters year. For the year 2017-2018, District 65 will hold the Evaluation Contest and the Humorous Speech Contest this fall.

District 65 Director Ellen Pieklo DTM, is following the Speech Contest Handbook in that …if an area has four assigned clubs or fewer in good standing, districts have the option to allow two contestants from each club to compete in the area contest. Otherwise, only one contestant from each club can move on to the area contest. 

1. Should additional clubs charter prior to the area contest, two contestants from each club are permitted to compete.
2. In those divisions with four assigned areas or less, districts have the option to allow the two highest-placed available contestants from each area to compete.

To clarify, for an area with four assigned clubs or fewer in good standing, TWO contestants from each club in that area may compete in the area contest. For a division with fewer than four assigned areas, the TWO highest-placed available contestants from each are may compete.

Only ONE contestant per division will compete in the district contest.

Each speech contest has its own criteria for the judges to rate the contestants.  The criteria are on each of the judges ballots.  For your convenience, each speech contest tab above, has the entire contents of the speech kits from Toastmasters International, as well as a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Toastmasters International.

Remember the dates!!

Clubs: Now to Sept 15
Areas: Sep 16 – Oct 14
Divisions: Oct 15 – Oct 28
Fall Conference: Nov 10 – 11

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To determine a contestant’s eligibility, please click this link: Eligibility Assistant.