Two Requests Club President VP Edcuation

TWO Requests to Presidents and Vice President Education of Clubs in District 65.

by Sam Mehta, DTM – Chief Ambassador – Pathways

[1] Please ensure that the Email Addresses of ALL your current club members on record as shown in ‘Club Central’ are correct and workable.

If they are not, would you please try to correct them now. Club members with incorrect and/or obsolete email addresses will not be able to access the ‘Base Camp’ in Pathways, when it is anticipated to arrive in District 65 on May 15, 2018.

[2] Several Pathways Guides have contacted and/or are in process of contacting the leadership [President & VP Education] of clubs in District 65, to schedule joint club visits during the months of April and the first half of month of May. Please respond to their request to visit your club and in doing so, take action in scheduling the dates of the club visits. It is important that Pathways Guides and Ambassadors complete their first initial club visit by May 15 in order to present Pathways Learning Experience program to all members of the club.

Thank you for your cooperation. It is very much appreciated.

Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG

Chief Ambassador – Pathways – District 65

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