Do You Understand Branding and Toastmasters?

Toastmasters requires us to ensure that we use the TI logo correctly. Beyond that, we need to extend this to how we represent ourselves as Toastmasters, how we communicate using flyers, emails, etc. Here is a short list you may use to ensure you are meeting the Toastmaster branding requirements. As always, there is a handbook available to help you on the TI web site.

Using The Toastmasters BrandToastmastersLogo-Color

The Toastmasters brand includes much more than using the right logo. It is also the way each one of us, as Toastmasters represents the Toastmasters organization. To help Public Relations officers ensure they are successfully representing Toastmasters International, the following list has been created.


  1. The benefits of using the brand include: creating a consistent look, message, and understanding of the Toastmasters organization, motivating potential members to join, and increasing the pride in the Toastmasters member.
  2. Brand Tagline is: Where Leaders are made
  3. Toastmasters Envisioned Future: To be the first choice provider of dynamic, high-value experiential leadership and communication skills development
  4. Toastmaster Values: Integrity, Respect, Service, Excellence
  5. Toastmasters Brand Personality: Leader, Dedicated, Helpful, Empowering
  6. Toastmasters Elevator Speech: Keep a 1-3 minute speech developed and ready to communicate the Toastmasters benefits to people you may meet.
  7. Toastmasters Voice – Need to foster the message in a manner consistent with the Toastmasters brand: warm, friendly, clear, professional, member focused, succinct, & respectful.
  8. Use the Brand Manual to provide consistent messages to target audiences, such as corporations, existing members, etc.
  9. Ensure you use approved colors to present your logos, letterhead, etc.
  10. Primary fonts should be Gotham, Lubalin, Myriad, Arial, in those orders. There are different fonts for manuals, brochures, web font, etc. Become familiar with these.
  11. Ensure photographs represent the Toastmasters organization, including meetings, presentations, networking, & club contests. Should not use cartoons, children, animals, architecture, or landscaping.
  12. Toastmasters Communications & Things to Remember: Know your Audience, Communicate with Your Audience, Focus on Results, & Be Conversational.
  13. Use the brand portal to obtain the correct logo, used for Toastmaster events and literature:

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