Voices To Be Heard Charter Party

Voices to Be Heard Host Black Tie Event for Club Charter Party!

On Saturday, April 23rd, 2016, Voices to be Heard hosted their charter party at the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, in Rochester, NY. The event celebrated the chartering one of District 65’s newest Toastmasters Clubs.

Black Tie Event should say it all but this club created a program and agenda that let this club be recognized and shine. The event simulated a major Hollywood event. The men appeared in tuxes and women were dressed in full evening regalia. Women were given corsages and men had boutonnieres. There were over 50 people attending the event, all engaged and communicating with each other in true Toastmasters fashion.

As people entered, each guest was escorted to the red carpet area, with photos taken of all guests. The red carpet area included a life-sized mural of strobe-lights on a red carpet, created by Sylvester Anderson, Club member and sponsor of Voices to be Heard.

The agenda read like a Hollywood movie script, divided into acts each act building upon the previous act.

Act 1 – Greetings & Opening Remarks by Jewell Brown, CC/Club President, and Reflections given by Eva Miller, DTM and Division B Director. Act 1 set the tone and included the long journey the club has made toward becoming a Toastmasters club.
The Intermission enabled people to relax and enjoy a full buffet dinner, with all tables set with tablecloths and flower arrangements.

Act 2 – Power of Word enabled the members to demonstrate their love of Toastmasters and delved into the lives of members, and enabling us to learn more about these unique membrs. We enjoyed 2 speeches by Brenda Billups, CC and Sylvester Anderson, DTM, and a Testimonial provided by Denise Joyner, CC. It’s important to note that 3 of their members already have earned their competent communicator, since October, 2015. Three of their members competed at the Division B Spring Contests, and one will be representing their club at the District 65 Conference – quite impressive!

Act 3 – Presentation and Recognition Ceremony enabled a recognition of the club members. Tom Pieklo, D65 Logistics manager recognized the officers and walked through the installation of officers. Awards were presented to recognize Sponsors Sylvester Anderson, DTM and Melvie Hall Bellinger, ACS/ALB. Alberta Latimer-Hunt, ATMB/CL and Lillian Knight Faison, ATMB were recognized for Mentor roles in helping to sustain the club’s success.
The awards climaxed as the club received their charter club membership from Toastmasters International. The club also received a lectern, gavel, and banner on behalf of District 65, as part of the new club incentive. At that point, each charter member was recognized and received their charter membership.

Act 4 – Epilogue, included a fireworks finale. Bob Holzworth, ALB/CL and Area Director provided comments and congratulations to the club and their efforts. The finale included a champagne toast, given by Jewell Brown, CC and Club President. Reverend Hunt and Reverend Winston Lewis complemented the organization and encouraged each and every member to remember this event and to remember to share their story. Each and every person has a story. That truly seemed to be the case and I look forward to celebrating the next major milestone of Voices to be Heard.

Charter Members:
Jewel Brown, CC, President
Denise Joyner, CC, VP Education
Jake Walters, VP Membership
Jameson Salter, VP Public Relations
Rita Mitchell, Secretary
Brenda Billups, CC, Treasurer
Earnest Smith, Sergeant-at-Arms
Lisa Alexander
Serbia Baker
Terry Brown
Kristile Ellis
Kelly Glover
Winston Lewis Tony Marshall
Rev. James Murray
Betty Pinson
Mary Thomas
Edward Williams
Anges Wright
Lillian Knight Faison, ATMB

Melvie Hall-Bellinger, ACS/ALB
Sylvester Anderson, DTM

Alberta Latimer-Hunt, ATMB/CL
Lillian Knight Faison, ATMB

Eva Miller, DTM

The Playbill