New District 65 Finance Systems

Changes to District 65 Finance Systems May Impact Incentives

By Ellen Pieklo, DTM – District 65 Director and

Julie Ricchiazzi, DTM – District Finance Manager

Toastmasters International (TI) has recently migrated their finance systems so that all of the Districts are controlled centrally rather than by individual District bank accounts. As a result of this move, District 65 has closed their M&T checking account and no longer has the ability to write checks for reimbursements, payments, etc.

Financial reimbursements and payments are made using the Concur system, a system that has been used for years in government agencies and has been revised to include other organizations.

How does this impact you? If you recently conducted an open house, the District is no longer able to reimburse you by having the finance manager write a check. Instead, a club officer will need to establish a Concur account to obtain the reimbursement.

In seeking guidance from TI, this is what our finance officer guidance: “We have a few districts that have a similar incentive and are currently using Concur to issue the reimbursement. We are most commonly seeing the districts will request for the club president or club treasurer to be set up in Concur. Once they have a login, they will set up their Concur account and enter the club’s banking information as the account to receive their reimbursements. They will then submit expense reports similar to how district officers do. The district can instruct them to code their incentive reimbursements as they were budgeted for and to include the supporting documents that the district normally receives to honor these incentives.”

Please note: the Club is responsible to reimburse their member(s) who purchase refreshments, copies, etc. directly from their Club bank account.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to me and/or Julie Ricchiazzi, D65 Finance Manager at the emails below.

Ellen Pieklo,

Julie Ricchiazzi,