Coaching Tips

Coaching Tips

Created by D65 Club Coach Team 03/06/2016

About the Club Meetings

  • Guest packages are a must to have at clubs
  • Ensure the meeting time is correct on the club web site
  • Run quality meetings
  • Start meetings on time and keep within time limits

About the Guests

  • Ensure you introduce yourself to the guests
  • Ensure you obtain the name and contact information from the guest
  • Follow up with the guest
  • Call/engage guests

About the Members

  • Get club members interested in the officer roles to engage members
  • Fill out the roles for the next meeting, as part of the current meeting effort
  • Teach club members how the meetings should function
  • Encourabe members to serve as club officers
  • Engage members to commit to goals in the club success plan
  • Call/engage members
  • Ensure club mentors are trained and/or coached

About the Club

  • Ensure the club develops a success plan
  • Promote open houses on the District web site or with emails to the Division
  • Try not to change too much at once. Focusing on one or two of the listed areas will not overwhelm the club.
  • Being organized is key! Organization runs through (almost) all of these points. Being organized and showing the club officers how to run an organized club cannot be overstated!

About the Club Officers

  • Provide officers with an overview of the officer roles
  • Ensure business meetings are being held

Beyond the Club – Get members and officers involved beyond the club to establish commitment, networking, and growth opportunities

  • Co-Chair a District Conference
  • Participate in planning the Area and/or Division Contests
  • Seve as an Area Director and visit other clubs
  • Serve as a District Officer, such as the Administrative Manager, Public Relations Manager, or Logistics Manager