Club Success Plans

Club Success Plans

by Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

TM Club Success Plan

As many of you know, the Club Success Plan is a vital tool for the success of any club. But all too often, clubs just ignore the process of completing this valuable blueprint to success.

This district has offered a monetary incentive to clubs that take the time to complete theirs and submit it to the district before December 31st, 2017.

We will give each club a $25 gift certificate to the TI Store that can be used to purchase supplies or anything else that the club needs.

We have also provided a link the Club Success Plan as an MS Word document that you can download, fill in, save and email to the district to receive your $25 incentive.

Click Here to Download the File:

Club Success Plan as an MS Word .doc file

This document was provide and edited by several of our great toastmasters. Mike Reinbolt and Molly Duteau both added input and helped us make this process easier for you. Please thank them for their efforts.

When complete, you can email this .doc file to to receive your $25 incentive. Thank you for taking the time to help your club succeed.