Area Governor of the Year Award

2017-2018  Ashley Engl, ACB, ALS

2016-17 Shannon Sommer

2015-16 Christine Wolbert

2014-15 Keith Maderer

2013-14 Gil Stern

2012-13 Charulata Chawan

2011-12 Gerald Foreman, ATM, CL

2008-09 (do not have the info.)

2007-08 Linda Lathrop, ACG

2006-07 Linda Juteau & Cathy Shannon

2005-06 Amy Burnell

2004-05 Linda Penniston, ATMS

2003-04 (do not have the info.)

2002-03 Lorraine Mott, ATMS

2001-02 Gordon V. Penniston, DTM

2000-01 Robert Logan, ATMS

1999-00 Ray Bartholomew, CTM

1998-99 Sonya Farmer, ATMS

1997-98 Robin Bartholomew, ATMS

1996-97 Julie Anderson Schuck, CTM

1995-96 Barb Hulsing, ATM

1994-95 Frances LaPlante, ATM

1993-94 Jess C. McDonough, ATM

1992-93 Artie Claudino, CTM

1991-92 Pamela Goldstein, CTM

1990-91 Alan Cundy, CTM

1989-90 Ruth P. Matson, DTM, PDG

1988-89 David Wilbur, CTM

1987-88 Arnold Krueger, ATM

1986-87 F.W. “Bud” Greune, DTM

1985-86 Jeff Lamicella, CTM

1984-85 Brian Carroll, CTM

1983-84 Dennis Froio, DTM, PDG

1982-83 Robert Opdyke, ATM

1981-82 Nancy Sleeth, ATM

1980-81 Maryann Anderson, DTM, PDG

1979-80 Nancy Ellen Scott, DTM, PDG

1978-79 Alan Turof, DTM, PDG

1974-77 No Award Given

1973-74 James Sartori

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