The award is to recognize individuals outside of the Toastmasters whose efforts have positively impacted the local community through their leadership abilities and their use of public speaking skills. The award recipient shall be a non-Toastmaster individual who resides within the district boundaries. Any club or individual member may submit a single nomination to any member of the conference committee. The members of the District Executive Committee will make their recommendations for the C&L Award and the recipient shall be decided by majority vote of the Conference Committee.  This award may be given twice a year in the District.


2019 Spring Maryann Roefaro CEO of Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY
2015 Spring Mr. & Mrs. Warren and Brenda Pfol David’s Refuge
2013 Fall Chris Kreiger President/CEO WNY Heroes
2013 Spring Ms. Maggie Brooks Monroe County Executive
2012 Fall Mr. Raymond Lenarcic Charity & Community Service
2012 Spring (do not have the info.) (do not have the info.)
2011 Fall Ms. Randi Hewitt Community Leader
2011 Spring Ms. Joanie Mahoney Onondaga County Executive
2010 Fall Ms. Ginger Zimmerman Artist, Writer, Motivational
2010 Spring Mr. Chris Calhoun President, Norwich Pharm.
2009 Fall Mr. Chris Collins Erie County Executive
2009 Spring Ms. Lauren Dixon CEO, Dixon Schwab
2008 Fall Mr. Cedric Bolton Poet & Producer
2008 Spring Ms. Samika Sullivan Social Worker
2007 Fall Ms. Brigid Hubbwrman Social Entrepreneur
2007 Spring Mayor Matthew Driscoll Mayor of Syracuse
2006 Fall Ms. Betty Perkins-Carpenter Health & Fitness Guru
2006 Spring (do not have the info.) (do not have the info.)
2005 Fall Ms. Susan McCartney Business
2005 Spring (do not have the info.)
2004 Fall (do not have the info.)
2004 Spring (do not have the info.)
2003 Fall (do not have the info.)
2003 Spring Ms. Dorothy Riester Artists and Social Worker
2002 Fall Sheriff Andrew P. Meloni Former Monroe County Sheriff


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