Distinguished District Award Recipients

2009-10  Dennis Gauda, ATMG

2007-08  Bob Logan, ATMG

2006-07  Sam Mehta, DTM

2004-05  Harry Carlson, DTM

2000-01  Ruth Parmenter, DTM,

1998-99  Donna Sokolowski, DTM

1993-94  Ruth P.  Matson, DTM

1991-92  Alfred E. Smith, DTM

1990-91  Virginia Moszkowicz, DTM

1987-88  Lois Cole, DTM,

1986-87  Dennis Froio, DTM

1985-86  Kenneth Hull, DTM

1984-85  Maryann Anderson, DTM

1982-83  Alan Turof, DTM

1980-81  Frederick Ludwick, DTM

1970-71  Patrick Panfile, DTM

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