Evaluation Speech Contest Winners

2018 (2019) Andrew Warta

2017 Ashley Larracuente

2016 Lorraine Mott

2015 Scott Maryniak

2014 Kirstin Guanciale

2013 Corey Wilson

2012  Marc Campos

2011  Gerard Hardy

2010  (do not have the info.)

2009  Kevin McCue

2008  Gordon Penniston

2007  N/A

2006  Lou Poccia

2005  Catherine Shannon

2004 Arlene Brown, ATMB

2003 Phyllis Coombs

2002 Kevin McCue

2001 John Tubridy

2000 Nicole Moss

1999 Don Herres, ATM

1998 David Dube, ATM

1997 H. David Braswell

1996 Amy Wood, CTM

1995 Carol McConnaghey

1994 Donna M. Sokolowski, DTM

1993 H. David Braswell

1992 Michael Slyck

1991 Terry G. Schutt, DTM,PDG

1990 Jeff Lamicela, ATM-B

1989 Hal Blair, DTM

1988 W. ‘Gene’ Campbell, CTM

1987 Pat Panfile, DTM, PDG, PID, PIP

1986 Nancy Ellen Scott, DTM, PDG

1985 Bill Bell

1984 Frank Walsh

1983 Virginia Starks

1982 Kathy Magee, ATM

1981 Marcella Ralicki

1980 John Halton

1978 Fred Ludwick, DTM, PDG, PID

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