Humorous Speech Contest Winners

2018 (2019) Erin Taylor-Talcott

2017 Isaac Perez-Raya

2016 Deborah Maisha

2015 Josh Kjolhede

2014 Thomas Nanni

2013 Amy Walts

2012 Amy Walts

2011 Mel Chesbro

2010 Tom Nanni

2009 Kevin McCue

2008 Jason Gardner

2007 Rodrigo Gomez

2006 Valerie Nolan

2005 Kevin McCue

2004 Donald P. Nelson, CTM

2003 John Montgomery

2002 Kevin McCue

2001 Bruce Beaudin

2000 Mark Emblidge

1999 Kevin Ryan

1998 John Montgomery

1997 H. David Braswell

1996 Valerie Nolan

1995 Valerie Nolan

1994 Gail Hall, CTM

1993 Judith Staples, ATMB

1992 Jeff Lamicela, ATMB

1991 Paula Antonacci

1990 Tom Henninger

1989 Ed Welch, CTM

1988 James Froio, CTM

1987 James Froio, CTM

1986 Ruth Roberts

1985 Fred Kulikowski

1984 Bob Metz

1983 Matt Papkov, CTM

1982 Jackie Jacobs

1981 Steve Ruoff, ATM

1980 James Nash, ATM

1979 Marion Zachman

1978 Craig Wright

1977 John Bashant

1976 Vaughn Hovey

1975 Ben Whitenight

1974 Joseph Mead

1973 Sal Fauci, DTM, PDG

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