In Memoriam

In Remembrance of Club Members in District 65 Who Have Passed Away

Patricia Janecek Energetic January, 2018
Kevin McCue Grand Pioneer  July, 2017
Jutta Maria Rawcliffee Concord Spellbinders  July, 2017 
Connie Oaksford Crown City  May, 2017
Andrew Hadley Empire Statesmen  January, 2017 
Sylvester Anderson Frederick Douglass  December, 2016
Barbara Wallace Above & Beyond  2016
Marian Lamanna, DTM, PDG  SELECT  December, 2016 
Arnold Krueger Lilac City  August, 2016
Larry Pfister Crown City  July, 2015
Nancy Sleeth Empire Statesmen  June, 2015
John Lamanna SELECT  2014
Frances Carol Savvy Speakers  2014
Paul Leonard Savvy Speakers  2014
Virginia (Ginny) Toomey Crown City June 2013
John Antosh Westwinds Advanced   
Dr. Edwin Leonard Crown City December 2009
Reid Weidman Westside Club c. 2008/9
Joseph Cole, DTM, PDG  Jabberwocky   
Ray Tardiff, DTM, PDG Advanced Club   
Hal Blair Morning Knights c. 2004/5
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