Tall Tales Speech Contest Winners

2017-18 Stephen Musok






2013 Tom Nanni

2012 Dennis Gauda

2011 Stacy Munechika

2010 (do not have the info.)

2009 N/A

2008 N/A

2007 N/A

2006 D’lores Simmons

2005 Bill Spizuoco

2004 Tom Kittel

2003 Mark Emblidge

2002 Mark Emblidge

2001 Thelma Manley, ATMG

2000 Alice Savoca

1999 Tim Mahar

1998 Patrick Panfile, DTM, PDG, PID, PIP

1997 Kevin Gapik

1996 Betty Saunders, ATM

1995 Ann Mirabito Snyder

1994 Mary Ann Brigandi, CTM

1993 DeWitt Henricks

1992 Edward Borkowski

1991 Lawrence Brown

1990 Vincent DeJoseph, CTM

1989 Stephanie Harrick, CTM

1988 Rolf Eschke, CTM

1987 Georgia Ryan

1986 John “Bucky” Bennett, CTM

1985 Kirk Starczewski

1984 Nick Brown

1983 Jackie Jacobs

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