Toastmaster of the Year Award

2017-2018 Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG

2016-17 Jared Kronenberg, DTM, PDG

2015-16 Kelvin Ringold, Sr.

2014-15 Scott Leonard

2013-14 Debbie Hunt

2012-13 Eva Miller

2011-12 David Stuck, CC

2010-11 Mike Reinbolt

2009-10 Jim Contino, CC

2008-09 Kate Olsen, DTM

2007-08 Gordon Penniston, DTM

2006-07 Lorraine Mott, CTM

2005-06 Alan Turof, DTM

2004-05 Kay Whipple, ATMS

2003-04 Joseph Cunningham, ATMS

2002-03 Tammie Philpott, ATMS

2001-02 Bernie Czarnecki, DTM

2000-01 Donna Sokolowski, DTM, PDG

2000-01 Patrick Beecher, DTM, PDG

1999-00 Carol Stafford, ATMG

1998-99 Victoria H. Wienke, DTM

1997-98 Harold Roth, DTM. PDG

1996-97 No Award Given

1995-96 Jess McDonough

1994-95 Gloria M. Langston, DTM

1993-94 John C. Sleeth, ATMB, PDG

1992-93 Veronica Hart, ATM

1991 Lois Cole, DTM, PDG

1990 Terry G. Schutt, DTM, PDG

Kenneth Hull, DTM, PDG

1989 Rolf Escke, ATM

1988 Mary Ann Brigandi, CTM

1987 Alfred E. Smith, DTM, PDG

1986 Joseph Cole, DTM, PDG

1985 Richard Culverwell, DTM

1984 Alan Turof, DTM, PDG

1983 Marlene Markham, ATM

1982 Andy Anderson, DTM, PDG, PID

1981 Ed Banaszak, ATM, PDG

1980 Andy Anderson, DTM, PDG, PID

1979 Nancy Ellen Scott, DTM, PDG

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