District 65 Officer Nominations

Dear District 65 Executive Committee:

This past year, Sam Mehta, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Past District Governor (PDG) served as the chair of the District Leadership Committee [DLC]. As part of the notification process, I am providing the results of Mr. Mehta and the DLC members efforts for the district officer candidates for the respective elected offices for the Toastmaster year 2019-2020.

As part of District 65 procedures, these will be posted to the web site and mailed to club officers so that each officer will have the information required to make a decision regarding the voting for District officer positions for the 2019-2020 Toastmaster year.

Lillian Knight Faison, DTM,
District 65 Director

Dear District 65 Director:

Per your request and the District 65 nomination process, the DLC met and assessed candidates for the District 65 Leadership team. The team members included Linda Lathrop, DTM, PDG; Keith Maderer, DTM, Past Program Quality Director, Shirley Malone, DTM, Patricia Costello, DTM, and Sam Mehta, serving as the leadership chair.

Per the Toastmaster leadership requirements, the team met, interviewed, assessed, and approved the following candidates to run for the following leadership positions.

District Director Candidate:
Pam Gorman, ACG, ALB

Program Quality Director Candidates
1. Roger Morehouse, DTM
2. Ray Mulgrew, ACB, CL

Club Growth Director Candidate
Brenda Billups, ACS, ALB

Division Director – A Candidate
Patrick Sheldon, ACS, ALB

Division Director – B Candidate
Jason Becker, CC, CL

Division Director – C Candidate
No candidates applied or interviewed

Division Director – D Candidate
* Arun Sampath, ACB, CL

Division Director – E Candidate
No candidates applied or interviewed

* During the interview process, the committee noted that Mr. Arun Sampath, ACB, CL applied for the appointed position of Area 44 Director. Upon a follow-up discussion, Mr. Sampath has agreed to have his name moved into the Division Director Candidate position. Mr. Sampath is a member of a Presidents’ Distinguished Club, has been actively involved in club officer roles and has worked with building and mentoring a successful new club, whose membership has already grown to 23 in that club.

The DLC members believe that all of the candidates interviewed are qualified for the respective office for which they have been identified for the forthcoming TM year of 2019-2020.

Per TI rules, candidates may run from the floor, with the approved application submitted prior to any voting processes. To accommodate a smooth voting process, all floor candidates shall identify themselves and provide an application to the District Director, no later than April 15, 2019. Should multiple candidates be applying for the same position, each candidate will have a 2-minute timeframe to present themselves to the business meeting on their ability to serve as a district candidate.

I want to thank you and Ellen Pieklo on behalf of the DLC members [Linda Lathrop, DTM, PDG, Keith Maderer, DTM, PPQD, Shirley Malone, DTM, Pat Costello, DTM, and myself, Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG] for the opportunity provided to interview these fine district officer candidates as well in serving district 65 in process.

Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG