Evaluation Workshop Meeting

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Evaluation Workshop Meeting

By Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

If you have members that are just not comfortable offering feedback and doing evaluations for their fellow toastmasters, plan an Evaluation workshop meeting.

Use your regular meeting time to teach existing and new members how to do better evaluations. Then encourage and challenge them to step up at the next meetings and practice their new found evaluation skills.

If you schedule 2 speakers then break up into 4 groups and have each group offer a different evaluation technique for each speech. Your members will see and participate in 4 different styles of evaluations. I always try to have a final round robin discussion with all members participating to share their insights on what they learned.

Give this a try and watch your members begin giving better constructive feedback and guidance. As your evaluations improve, so will the quality of your speakers and your meetings. As your meetings become more fun and enlightening, more guests will see the value and ask to join. As more members join and spread the word… well you know the rest.

Enjoy your journey.

I have included a link to an Evaluation Workshop PDF handout that I use which can act as a guide unless you have a better one.

Evaluation Workshop Booklet:


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