Fun Meeting – Break ICE Again

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Breaking The Ice… Again

by Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

What better way to kick off Pathways than to get back to basics and dig right in to the new Pathways Learning program. With our roll-out scheduled for May 15th, 2018, why not dedicate the next 2-4 meetings to reintroducing your members to each other.

Pathways - Ice Breaker Training Module

Whether you have been a Toastmaster for 2 days, 2 years, or 20+ years, each new Pathways participant will need to complete an Ice Breaker for Project 1 of each Path.

If you did your Ice Breaker some time ago, you might be pleasantly surprised by the challenge that is waiting for you with the new Pathways Ice Breaker. Plus most of your newer members did not have the opportunity to see it the first time around.

This will also encourage new members to give their Ice Breaker as they watch their fellow toastmasters work through the new program along side them.

Here is a link to the Pathways Ice Breaker so everyone can get a head start.

Click Here to Access: (no login required)

Pathways – ICE BREAKER – Training Module

or copy this link into your browser:

Check it out and give it a try. Even before our roll-out happens, you will be able to receive credit for your new Ice Breaker under the Pathways program… as soon as we go LIVE.