How Can You Help?

We’ve told you about the C&L Luncheon, our motivational Keynote Speaker, the workshops, and the schedule…

Now we need YOU to help make this Conference a success!

(Hopefully, you are planning to ATTEND!)

But here is what else you can do…

Do you have a friend that you think would really enjoy learning about Toastmasters and would benefit from some of the events happening at our conference? Invite them! We would love to meet your friends and we would love the chance to hear their stories!

These events are not free! Besides attending, we are looking for possible sponsors. Sponsors can purchase ad space in our program but we have to ACT FAST! Do you own a business that you would like to feature in the program? Don’t forget – all who attend the conference – in the entire district – will see the program. If your business knows no boundaries, you should really think about this opportunity!

In lieu of a Basket Raffle, we will be holding a Wine Pull and Gift Card Raffle. EVERYONE will win a prize with the purchase of a ticket.  You could win a gift card or a bottle of wine valued at $15 or more. In order to do this, we are asking for donations of wine or gift cards. Each bottle or card will be wrapped and numbered. When someone purchases a ticket, they will also get a number. That number will have a match… that match will be the prize! A complete mystery – but so much fun!

To help with ad sponsorship or wine/gift card donations – please see the attached document…

Donation Letter conference 2019