Member Spotlight Herman Veitch

Member Spotlight – Herman Veitch

By Angela D’Amico – Marketing Committee Member

An Interview with Herman Veitch from Quantum Flow Coaching with Angela D’Amico

Herman has spent the last 12 years as a self-employed business coach. He brings a diverse background of life experiences to the table. I chose Herman for this interview because he relocated from South Africa to Syracuse New York in January 2016. He has the dual perspective of becoming a member in a community and being a member of the community.

The forum of this interview was after a Toastmaster meeting. Herman had just finished competing and winning the Tall Tails Speech Club Contest. He will go on to compete at the area level next.

Q: Congratulations on winning the speech contest. How did you hear about Toastmasters?

A: Thank you. I have been referring clients for years to join Toastmasters. This is a great way to grow their communication and leadership skills.

Q: How long have you been a Toastmaster?

A: 1 year

Q: You never referred yourself to Toastmasters

A: Herman smiling. No I did not think there would be a benefit for me.

Q: Were you wrong in that assumption?

A: Smiling bigger now. Yes.

Q: What finally made you walk through the Toastmaster door?

A: When you relocate the quickest way to settle in is to join clubs. I was in 2 clubs. A member from each club mentioned I should join Toastmasters. They were both members of Toastmasters.

I also wanted to challenge myself by not succumbing to mediocrity and complacency

Q: Did you accomplish these goals?

A: Yes. Toastmaster’s structure teaches members to break down their speeches and skills into chewable chunks. You learn by doing—-powerful!

Q: Describe a typical Toastmaster meeting and how you feel

A Packed full of insights. You walk away feeling enriched. We have an 8am meeting. It is a great way to start the day.

Q: What do you want to share that most people do not know about you

A: I am a published author.

Q: We are unable at Toastmasters to promote literature not associated with Toastmasters International. Do you have any advice for any potential writers who are sitting on the fence?

A: Get a writing coach. It saves you time, disappointment and a lot of trouble. .

Q: What closing remarks would you like to say about being a toastmaster to potential, infrequent or dedicated members?

A: Just do it. You won’t be disappointed. Toastmasters helps you overcome a false fear of public speaking.

For more info about Toastmaster Herman Veitch visit Good Morning Syracuse Toastmaster website and leave a general message to the club.

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