Pathways – Valuable To You

Why Is Pathways Valuable To You?

By Sally Newell Cohen – COO of Toastmasters International

Pathways Value For You Video

The new Pathways learning experience will make your journey even better. The entire program will be available online so you can access it from your computer, laptop, tablet and even your phone.

You will have your own dedicated Base Camp will you will find all your materials, feedback , transcripts and project materials. You will be able to view them entirely online or print them out if you prefer a physical copy.

There are also education videos that will model the skills as you are learning them. You can also explore the many new projects, such as writing blog or starting a podcast.

You can chose from 10 New Learning Paths:

  • Motivation Strategies: Build motivational leadership and communication skills
  • Presentation Mastery: Build public speaking skills
  • Leadership Development: Build communication and leadership skills
  • Innovative Planning: Build creative project management and communication skills
  • Visionary Communication: Build innovative communication and leadership skills
  • Strategic Relationships: Build networking, leadership and communication skills
  • Dynamic Leadership: Build strategic leadership and conflict resolution skills
  • Persuasive Influence: Build skills to lead in complex situations
  • Effective Coaching: Build interpersonal communication, leadership and coaching skills
  • Team Collaboration: Build collaborative leadership skills

The program will even give you an online assessment before you start to see which paths may be best suited for your goals. It will make recommendations, but you always have the ability to chose whatever paths you desire.

This program provides real world skills that you can apply in your job, your family and your social interactions. Make the most of this new and exciting opportunity. It will change your life.

FYI – From Keith Maderer, DTM, District 65 Club Growth Director

If you would like to view the new Pathways Required and Elective Projects, just go to your clubs, Free Toast Host website, visit the agenda page, sign up for a speech and review the drop down menu of topics. The new Pathways projects have been added to the bottom of the list and you can see a brief overview of what is coming your way.

Click here to watch this short 2:38 minute video: