Pathways Base Camp Managers

Base Camp Managers are the following officers in your club:

  • President
  • Vice President Education
  • Secretary

Toastmasters International will send Pathways Base Camp information to the contact that is  listed in the Find A Club page on Toastmasters International.  But, unless your contact forwards that information, the Base Camp Mangers may never see the communications. If you use FreeToastHost 3 (FTH3) as your website, you can use the email address as both your contact form and your Base Camp Manager form.

Visitors looking for a club can use that email to send their information to up to three members of your club.  FTH3 will convert the email from Toastmasters International concerning Pathways and send the email to the Base Camp Managers. If you have questions, submit a ticket on the support forum: