FTH-Agenda Photos

FTH – Add Member Photos to Your Agendas

By Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

Why would you want to put your member photos on your FTH agendas?

Meeting Agenda with photos

Because guests and newer members will feel more comfortable when they can place a name with a face. They will get to know each other quicker and become part of your Toastmasters family. The sooner you get new members engaged and participating, the sooner they become club leaders and better friends.

Since I first added this option, I have watched both of my clubs grow stronger and have more fun. If that isn’t enough, it helps members want to update their profiles with a photo so they are not pictured as the Toastmasters logo next to their name.

Every meeting is an opportunity. Opportunity to learn. Opportunity to grow. Opportunity to change someone’s life. Make it easier for your members and guests to their challenges into opportunities.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add your member profile photos to your FTH Meeting Agendas. First you need to get your existing members to add their photo to their profile if they have not already done so.

Then Follow these 6 Simple Steps:

Step 1 – Log in as the “Site Administrator”

Step 2 – Click the – “Launch Admin Console” button

Step 3 – From the Select a Module drop down window – Select – “Meeting Agenda Settings”

Step 4 – Click the “Global Settings” Tab

Step 5 – Check the “Include member photos in the meeting agenda” setting

Step 6 – Click the “SAVE” and “CLOSE” buttons and your are ready to go.

Hope you enjoy your fresh new agendas and listen to the comments from your members when they see the change.