Leadership Committee Report 3-17-2018

District 65 Leadership Committee Report

March 17, 2018

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To: Ellen Pieklo, DTM, District Director

In accordance with Protocol 7.1, 5E(IX) of the Toastmasters International Policy and Protocol as amended on August 16, 2016, the district leadership committee report is presented; (X), nominations from the floor are taken and election of district officers is conducted at the district council annual meeting. Our next District 65 district council annual meeting is scheduled for April 21, 2018 at the Holiday Inn, Binghamton NY.

The leadership committee gathered nomination forms from all nominees, interviewed all candidates to ensure they are all well qualified and that they understand the duties and responsibilities of the offices for which they are running. All nominees have been verified to accept their nomination and have signed a copy of the required Toastmasters International Officer Agreement and Release form.

The following candidates for office are recommended by your leadership committee for the 2018-19 Toastmasters year:

  • District Director: Lillian Knight Faison, DTM
  • Program Quality Director: Pam Gorman, ACB, ALB
  • Club Growth Director: Ray Mulgrew, ACB, CL
  • Division A Director: Lester Robinson, III, DTM
  • Division B Director: Open
  • Division C Director: Open
  • Division D Director: Open
  • Division E Director: Juanita Rivera-Ortiz, DTM  and Mara Mowers, ACB, ALB

Per item E of the Ground Rules established at the Fall 2015 District Council meeting, any member of the district council or their proxy holder who is a member in good standing with Toastmasters International may make nominations from the floor for any office, provided that the nominee is eligible, has agreed to serve in the position, and has completed the required paperwork for the office. Candidates for contested district officer positions will be allocated a total of two (2) minutes to address the Council. Candidates chose how to use the allocated time. Candidates for District Director will be allocated three (3) minutes to address the Council. A candidate speaks on his or her own behalf; if a candidate is not present, an authorized representative may speak for the candidate.

The following offices are to be appointed by the District Director-elect: Administration Manager, Finance Manager, Public Relations Manager, Logistics Manager and all Area Directors.

The district leadership committee was comprised of:

  • Karen Aubrech Donovan, DTM (Div A)
  • Jared Kronenberg, DTM, PDG (Div B/C)
  • Gloria Gibbon, DTM (Div D)
  • Celia Beaucage, DTM (Div E)
  • Sherry Hunt, DTM, PDD (Chair)

This committee strove to operate under the procedures and rules adopted by the Toastmasters International Board of Directors for the selection of candidates for elective district offices, as defined in the District Administrative Bylaws (amended March, 2016), Article XI (committees), b- District Leadership Committee.

Our committee’s results were communicated to the district director, Ellen Pieklo, DTM, five weeks prior to the district council’s annual meeting. We did not submit sooner as the conference date was changed to a week earlier after this committee had agreed to its schedule.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherry L. Hunt, DTM, IPDD, Chair

2018-19 Leadership Committee