Pathways Evaluation Forms



Evaluations are a fundamental part of Toastmasters. We learn and improve by giving and receiving good evaluations.

In a verbal evaluation, the evaluator begins with what they did well, makes a few suggestions for improvement, and then concludes their evaluation with what they did very well, followed by a summary.

Pathways projects include either one or two speeches that needs to be delivered to complete the project.

Following are the evaluation forms for all the Pathways projects. They are PDFs. In most cases, they contain editable fields. This means the evaluator can type the evaluation directly onto the form if they wish, and email it to the speaker.

Alternatively, you can click on the link, download the form to your computer and print it.

Active Listening
Advanced Mentoring
Building A Social Media Presence
Communicate Change
Connect With Storytelling
Connect With Your Audience
Create A Podcast
Creating Effective Visual Aids
Cross-Cultural Understanding
Deliver Your Message With Humor

Develop A Communication Plan
Develop Your Vision – Speech One and Two
Distinguished Toastmasters – Speech One and Two

Effective Body Language
Engage Your Audience with Humor

Ethical Leadership
Evaluation And Feedback – Speech One
Evaluation And Feedback – Speech-Two
Evaluation And Feedback – Speech Three
Focus On the Positive
Generic Evaluation
High Performance Leadership – Speech One and Two
Ice Breaker
Improvement Through Positive Coaching
Inspire Your Audience
Introduction To Toastmasters Mentoring
Know Your Sense of Humor
Lead In Any Situation
Leading In Difficult Situations
Leading In Your Volunteer Organization
Leading Your Team
Lessons Learned
Make Connections Through Networking
Manage Change
Manage Online Meetings
Manage Projects Successfully – Speech One and Two
Managing A Difficult Audience
Managing Time Mentoring
Moderate A Panel Discussion
Motivate Others
Negotiate The Best Outcome
Persuasive Speaking
Planning and Implementing
Prepare For An Interview
Prepare To Speak Professionally
Present A Proposal
Public Relations Strategies
Question And Answer
Reaching Consensus Option One and Option Two
Reflect On Your Path
Researching And Presenting
Speech Profile Vocal Variety
Successful Collaboration
Team Building Speech One and Two
The Power of Humor in an Impromptu Speech
Understanding Conflict Resolution
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Understanding Your Communication Style
Using Descriptive Language
Using Presentation Software
Write A Compelling Blog

Click here to download a zip file of all Evaluation Forms

Pathways Education Awards Key

Pathways Education Awards Key

This 1 page PDF will give you all the new Pathways Education Awards and their 3 digit codes. Download your copy now and print one out for your club officers.

Pathways Education Awards Key Image

Click the image above or this link to download your copy and make sure that your club officers always have one handy.

Pathways Competencies

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies

This 11 page guide will give you an overview of the Pathways Paths and then take you through each path, describing its Objectives and its Core Competencies.

Pathways Path Competencies Cover

This will be a great guide to share with every new member when your club mentor sits down with them to discover their reasons for joining Toastmasters and to begin selecting their first Path.

Click the image above or this link to download your copy and make sure that your club officers always have one handy.

Fun Meeting – Break ICE Again

Fun Meeting Ideas

Breaking The Ice… Again

by Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

What better way to kick off Pathways than to get back to basics and dig right in to the new Pathways Learning program. With our roll-out scheduled for May 15th, 2018, why not dedicate the next 2-4 meetings to reintroducing your members to each other.

Pathways - Ice Breaker Training Module

Whether you have been a Toastmaster for 2 days, 2 years, or 20+ years, each new Pathways participant will need to complete an Ice Breaker for Project 1 of each Path.

If you did your Ice Breaker some time ago, you might be pleasantly surprised by the challenge that is waiting for you with the new Pathways Ice Breaker. Plus most of your newer members did not have the opportunity to see it the first time around.

This will also encourage new members to give their Ice Breaker as they watch their fellow toastmasters work through the new program along side them.

Here is a link to the Pathways Ice Breaker so everyone can get a head start.

Click Here to Access: (no login required)

Pathways – ICE BREAKER – Training Module

or copy this link into your browser:

Check it out and give it a try. Even before our roll-out happens, you will be able to receive credit for your new Ice Breaker under the Pathways program… as soon as we go LIVE.

Pathways Launch Guidelines



By Sam Mehta, DTM, Pathways Chief Ambassador & Guide

Around May 15, 2018, Pathways learning experience program is anticipated to come to District 65. How can we as members in our clubs become ready to welcome Pathways?

Strong planning and a proactive approach will help make the Pathways roll-out a success:

To begin with, you need to plan, prepare and participate, to the fullest extent in all aspects of the pathways program. This includes [1] Plan to welcome the team of Pathways Guides and Ambassadors to visit your club and make a presentation. [2] Prepare yourself in Pathways by logging in to the TI’s and district 65 websites and familiarizing yourself with resources and information about Pathways program as much as possible. [3] Participate by logging into the Pathways program and take the initial assessment in the selection of paths, immediately after the roll-out.

In addition to planning, preparation, and participation, add another “p” word: patience. Starting any new program of this magnitude requires a period of adjustment. Pathways is designed to be convenient and user-friendly; however, new users still need time to feel and get comfortable, especially if they’re not as experienced with working online. (Base Camp, the program’s learning management system, is online, however you do have the option of working in Pathways online or in print.) Also, remember that Base Camp provides tutorials and videos that offer step-by-step instructions.

Joint club visit by Pathways Guide and Ambassador

Pathways will be rolled out by region and not by district. District 65 is in Region 9 along with five other districts. The roll-out date for Region 9 is anticipated to be around May 15, 2018. Before a region launches Pathways, most of its clubs will be visited by a Pathways Guide and a Pathways Ambassador. These two member volunteers will deliver a presentation about the learning experience, helping club members prepare to work in the new program. The visits are crucial—they help set up members for early success in the program. In district 65, the visits will begin during the last week of March 2018 and continue throughout the months of April and May 2018. It is anticipated that some 98+% of the clubs in district 65 will be visited by May 15, 2018 – the anticipated roll-out out date for Region 9. Pathways Guides and Ambassadors in district 65 have done an excellent job in cooperation with respective club leaders in planning and scheduling of the club visits. The presentation at the clubs is anticipated to take about an hour, including Q&A. All club leaders are requested in addition to providing adequate time for the Pathways Guide and Ambassador visits, to make sure that all club members are made aware of this presentation and that the members attend this presentation in large numbers.

Subsequent virtual visits by Pathways Guides

Immediately following the joint-club visit, Pathways Guides will plan and schedule the virtual support sessions, primarily with the club’s Vice President Education [the Base Camp Manager under Pathways] who will be responsible for managing, monitoring, and approving speeches and projects related activities of its members. The President of the club as well as the club’s secretary will also be responsible for the above-mentioned tasks and will participate in the virtual support sessions, where practical and feasible. Virtual sessions are designed to provide hands-on opportunity to learn and function, primarily in Base Camp. The Leadership of all clubs in the district and especially the VP Education is requested to show a great amount of flexibility in scheduling the virtual sessions with the Pathways Guides. Please remember that each Pathways Guide is responsible for training and support as many as ten clubs in the virtual sessions. Pathways Ambassadors will also continue to be available to answer questions and direct the members to resources and links available, including a variety of tutorials. Various communication platforms such as Teleconference, Skype, WhatsApp, Group Chat, Webex, Zoom,, and others will be used to make the virtual sessions productive and practical for all.

Clubs in District 65 will be having the club officers elections in the first meeting in May. During this period, Pathways is also anticipated to be rolled out in the district. Whether your club holds club officers elections, or appoints officers or ask for volunteers, please make sure that under Pathways, the responsibility of VP Education changes significantly. The VP Education as the Base Camp Manager will need to direct, support, and help club members function in the Base Camp. Make sure that this position is held by a club member who is tech-savvy and familiar with working in an online environment.

Jump in and Explore

Pathways is self-directed and self-paced learning program. Those club members who become more proficient in using Pathways, are requested to help and support their fellow club members, some of who may initially fall behind for not having worked in an online environment. The spirit of members helping members remain not only unchanged in Toastmasters but becomes crucial during Pathways smooth transition.

When Pathways is rolled out in our district, be sure to enroll immediately. Begin a project and start learning. If you still want to finish some work in the traditional education program, please fee to do so. You do not have to stop working in the traditional program once you start Pathways.

Current members can work in the traditional as well as Pathways programs, if they so desire, for the transition period of two years from the time Pathways rolls out in our district, which translates roughly to end of June 2020. This is the transition period. However, new members who join clubs after Pathways roll-out will only be able to work in Pathways. After the transition period ends, every member will work in Pathways.

I encourage all club members in district 65 to enroll in Pathways early rather than taking a wait-and-see approach. Club officers can lead the way by enrolling early on to set an example at each of the clubs. It makes it easier to convince members to join if the club’s officers are enrolled and actively participating in Pathways.

Pathways is a journey best traveled with fellow club members. Please do not hesitate to start your Pathways journey, instead be ready to jump in and explore.

Sam Mehta, DTM,

Pathways Chief Ambassador & Guide

March 21, 2018

Pathways – Members of Multiple Clubs

Q&A for Members of Multiple Clubs

By Sam Mehta, DTM – Pathways Chief Ambassador & Guide


  • Approximately 5% of Toastmaster members belong to more than one club
  • Because of the specialized nature of requests and approvals for members of multiple clubs on Base Camp, the following includes information on best practices
  • Members and clubs will have to work together to find the best system for each individual who belongs to more than one Toastmasters club
  • Paths are assigned to individual members and can be completed in any club. A member may complete any path in any club to which they belong. They may choose to work on a single path concurrently in more than one club
  • Communication between members and club leadership is fundamental for members belonging to more than one club

Update personal profile, club roles outside home club, credit for club roles

Q- If you are a member of more than one club and you enter information that you filled a role in one club does that automatically populate in the other clubs or do you need to enter the information in all clubs?

A- When you add meeting role dates from the My Account page on Base Camp, these will show on your Base Camp profile. Each member who has selected a path has a single Base Camp profile. If they are an active member of more than one club, this profile will be visible to only one club at time—the club the member identified as their home club from the Pathways Start page. When a member changes their home club from the start page, the content of their Base Camp profile does not change. This means that all meeting role dates visible on a member’s Base Camp profile will show regardless of which club is identified as their home club.

Home club, visibility on Base Camp manager reports, submit awards

Q- Dual members: I signed up for two paths, but neither is visible in the management screen of my advanced club. Are we restricted to working on a given path only in one club? Clarifying, I see I now submit awards for members in Club Central, but in my advanced club, it shows no record of the two paths I signed up for. How can we make those visible? I did not select two paths to work on them exclusively in just one of my clubs.

A- You are not restricted to working on a given path in only one club. You may complete projects and present speeches from any path in your Education Transcript at any club. In order for the Base Camp manager of one of your clubs to see your progress (including which path(s) you are working in and how far you have progressed), that club must be set as your home club in Base Camp. Your home club indicates who you can interact with on Base Camp, as well as which members and Base Camp managers can find you and view your progress. If you are an active member of more than one club, you can determine and change your home club from the Pathways Start page at any time. Each time you complete a level in Base Camp, a request is sent to the Base Camp manager of your home club. The Base Camp manager of that club can validate this request even if you did not complete all speeches in that level at your home club. Because education awards are submitted through club central, you can determine which club you would like to receive credit for each level you finish. You are responsible for communicating your request to the VPE of the club to which you would like to apply the credit.

Free paths for members of multiple clubs

Q- If someone is a member of more than one club they pay international dues for each club. They are also counted as a separate member for each club in determining the total membership of the club. District or Toastmasters International, should they not receive a free path for each club?

A- Members are eligible for a maximum of two free paths if they belong to more than one club. To qualify for a second free path, members must already be a member of multiple clubs when Pathways rolls out in their region. Joining additional clubs after Pathways is available to you will not qualify you for a second free path.

How many free paths do I get if I’m in more than one club; are there other discounts?

Q – Why am I only entitled to 2 free paths if I am a member of more than two clubs? Will I get a discount on the membership fee of my 3rd and subsequent clubs since I don’t get a path with these clubs?

A- The policy states that members of multiple clubs are eligible for a maximum of two free paths. To qualify for the second free path, a member must belong to more than one club when Pathways rolls out in their region. After the roll-out of Pathways in your region, there will be no additional paths for dual members. Your membership in Toastmasters qualifies you for a free path. As in the traditional program there are no special discounts for joining more than one club.

Member charged for second path that should have been

Q- A toastmaster is a member of several clubs. He initiated two paths and was required to pay $20 for one of them. Why did this happen? Can he get a refund or at least get a third path for free?

A- Members who paid for a second path but were a dual member at the time of the Pathways roll-out can contact World Headquarters. Once eligibility is verified, the member will be refunded the charge for the second path.

Members in clubs in different regions

Q- If a person is a member of two clubs but only one of the regions has rolled out, can that member still participate in Pathways?

A- If a member is a current, paid member of any club in a region where Pathways is rolled out, they are considered a Pathways member and can begin their Pathways learning experience.

Waiting to select a path

Q- Let’s say, we don’t choose our first path immediately after roll out, but if we have dual memberships, do we have to claim the free second path? What about the first free path if we decide to finish our current education program?

A- A member who belongs to more than one club when Pathways launches in their region is eligible for a maximum of two free paths. This applies regardless of the number of clubs to which a member belongs. For example, a member who is active in two Toastmasters clubs when Pathways rolls out in their district is eligible to receive two free paths. Similarly, a member who is active in four Toastmasters clubs is eligible to receive two free paths. A member of nine Toastmasters clubs at the time of roll-out would also be eligible for two free paths. Members who are eligible for a second free path should contact World Headquarters to request their second path, rather than purchasing it through the Pathways Start page.

Second path free, delay in selecting path

Q- A dual member active in two or more clubs prior to the launch will get two paths free. Is there any limitation on how do they get the paths? For example can they get at the same time or can they stagger it to get it after a few months say 3 months or 6 months? Is there any guarantee period within which they should get both the free paths?

A- No, at this time there is no expiration date on a member signing up for their free path.

Two free paths, non-renewal in second club,

Q- Can a member redeem both free path but then do not renew his second club in the upcoming October renewal, is there any penalty?

A- Dual members (those belonging to more than one club) are eligible for a maximum of two free paths. A (dual) member who does not renew their membership with their second club, for example, will still retain access to Base Camp access and the member’s paths are unaffected.

Recognition and Distinguished Club Program

Q- How does a member in multiple clubs go about assigning different Awards to their different clubs in the pathways program? Through the web-based training it seems as if you can only allocate Awards to one club at a time but that is not in line with the current program. I know of some Toastmasters who are members of multiple clubs and was wondering what the best practice would be for someone in that situation.

A- Members can apply level completion awards for the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) to any club they choose. The club to which you would like to apply Distinguished Club Program (DCP) credit does not need to be set as your home club when you purchase a path or when a level is marked complete. Once a level completion request is approved on Base Camp, an award request must be submitted on Club Central, just as it is in the traditional program. This VPE who approved the level completion request is not required to submit the request on Club Central. Rather, the VPE of the club to which you would like to apply credit should submit the award request. If you are a member of more than one club, you determine which club will receive credit for each level and path you finish. This means that each time you complete a level of your path, you can change which club receives DCP credit. For example, you may give credit for Motivational Strategies Level 1 to Club A and then give credit for Motivational Strategies Level 2 to Club B. You are responsible for communicating your request to the VPE of the club to which you would like to apply the credit. The process for submitting awards through Club Central is exactly the same as the process for the current program. You simply select a Pathways award.

Members in multiple clubs, level completion approvals, home club

Q- A dual member and submitted a level 1 approval request in club. [A] When she goes into change her home club to club b, the request is recreated and sent to club [B] This happens every time she changes her home club (she does nothing to the level 1 completion request) She says this has created a trail of emails and confusion. I have attached her correspondence. Ward Penman

A- If a member changes their home club while a Level completion or external training request is pending, the request will move over to the newly designated home club.

Because of this, we recommend that members do not change their home club unless all pending requests have been approved.

Members of multiple club

Q- I am a Toastmaster who is a member of two clubs. Can I work in the traditional education program in one club and Pathways in the other club?

A- Yes. Existing members who would like to complete awards they have already started working toward in the traditional program may work in both programs simultaneously during the two-year transition period.

Members of multiple clubs are at their discretion as two which of their clubs they would like to and apply credit and present speeches.

Source: Pathways – Master Q&A

Sam Mehta, DTM

Pathways Chief Ambassador & Guide

Pathways Base Camp Duties


Base Camp Manager Duties

By Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG

Pathways Base Camp

We have been recently informed by Toastmasters International that Pathways educational program will be roll out in District 65 during May of 2018.

In each club, the vice president education (VPE) will serve as the Base Camp Manager, with support from the club president and secretary. The VPE is responsible for conducting several tasks in Base Camp to ensure members are fully supported on their Pathways journey. The link below will walk you through each of the main tasks. Each task has a tutorial in Base Camp which will walk you through the specific steps. They can be accessed by navigating to Tutorials and Resources. All current and future club VP Education are requested to study the tutorials and become ready to work with members of your club in making a smooth transition to Pathways program.

I believe that in Toastmaster year starting 2018-2019, one of the most vital and significant position in the club will be of the VP Education. I suggest that membership in all clubs in district 65, elect, appoint, or choose one of the most experience and tech savvy member in their respective clubs, in order to have a smooth and effective transition into Pathways program.

Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG

Pathways – Chief Ambassador – D-65

Pathways – Valuable To You

Why Is Pathways Valuable To You?

By Sally Newell Cohen – COO of Toastmasters International

Pathways Value For You Video

The new Pathways learning experience will make your journey even better. The entire program will be available online so you can access it from your computer, laptop, tablet and even your phone.

You will have your own dedicated Base Camp will you will find all your materials, feedback , transcripts and project materials. You will be able to view them entirely online or print them out if you prefer a physical copy.

There are also education videos that will model the skills as you are learning them. You can also explore the many new projects, such as writing blog or starting a podcast.

You can chose from 10 New Learning Paths:

  • Motivation Strategies: Build motivational leadership and communication skills
  • Presentation Mastery: Build public speaking skills
  • Leadership Development: Build communication and leadership skills
  • Innovative Planning: Build creative project management and communication skills
  • Visionary Communication: Build innovative communication and leadership skills
  • Strategic Relationships: Build networking, leadership and communication skills
  • Dynamic Leadership: Build strategic leadership and conflict resolution skills
  • Persuasive Influence: Build skills to lead in complex situations
  • Effective Coaching: Build interpersonal communication, leadership and coaching skills
  • Team Collaboration: Build collaborative leadership skills

The program will even give you an online assessment before you start to see which paths may be best suited for your goals. It will make recommendations, but you always have the ability to chose whatever paths you desire.

This program provides real world skills that you can apply in your job, your family and your social interactions. Make the most of this new and exciting opportunity. It will change your life.

FYI – From Keith Maderer, DTM, District 65 Club Growth Director

If you would like to view the new Pathways Required and Elective Projects, just go to your clubs, Free Toast Host website, visit the agenda page, sign up for a speech and review the drop down menu of topics. The new Pathways projects have been added to the bottom of the list and you can see a brief overview of what is coming your way.

Click here to watch this short 2:38 minute video:

Pathways – Here We Go

Pathways – Here We Go

By Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG, Pathways Chief Ambassador

Since TI has informed us the tentative roll-out date of May 2018 for Regions 8 & 9, I have done some “preliminary planning of estimated dates” of major milestones that will need to be accomplished in order to have a successful roll-out of Pathways in District 65. I am making an assumption here that May 31, 2018 [verses say May 1, or May 15, 2018] will be the roll-out date and based on this roll-out date, the following items/actions will need to be complied with in 2018.

14 to 18 weeks prior to roll-out: [January 15, 2018 to February 15, 2018]

PQD and CA will receive a Pathways Guide Selection Process Checklist and other resources to assist them with screening on Pathways Guide for every 10 clubs in the district.

Two to nine weeks prior to roll-out: [March 21, 2018 to May 15, 2018]

Pathways Guides and/or Ambassadors will contact club leaders to schedule a club visit.

Two to six weeks prior to roll-out: [April 15, 2018 to May 15, 2018]

A Pathways Guide and Ambassador will visit each club to train members on starting their Pathways journey. During these visits, the pathways Guide and Ambassador will deliver the Pathways Learning experience presentation and roll-out kit.

Six Weeks prior to roll-out to 12 weeks after roll-out: [April 15, 2018 to August 31, 2018]

Pathways Guides will share their virtual support session with club leaders and collect questions to address during the session.

Additional Resources:

There are many additional resources available to assist club members and club leaders in their Pathways journey. They include tutorials, FAQ’s, quick reference guides and more. Many of them can be found on “Base camp” and will be accessible once Pathways has rolled-out in our district.

Needless to say, that if there are any delays in roll out of Pathways in other Regions where the roll-outs are scheduled prior to Region 8 & 9 [January 2018 thru’ April 2018] the May 2018 for D-65 will naturally be postponed. However the above time-table of milestones that will need to be accomplished will remain, but will be based on a different roll-out date for district 65.

Once again the purpose of the above “preliminary planning of dates” is to make key stakeholders in the district aware of this time-table, as well as in informing and communicating with the D-65 membership at-large.

TI has prepared a formal PATHWAYS Preparation Schedule”. Here is the link:

Hope everyone has a great Holiday Season. Then get ready for the Pathways in 2018.

Pathways Guide

Are You Interested In Becoming  A Pathways Guide?

Here is where you can start your journey.

Here are two links pertaining to Pathways Guides [1] Role Desecration and [2] Application for general information of prospective Pathways Guide candidates in District 65.

Pathways Guide – Role Description:

Pathways Guide Application:

The on-line accessibility to the “Pathways Guide Application template” [password protected shown below in the link] will be available for use by Pathways Guides candidates, at the appropriate time for our district roll-out. 

Sam Mehta, DTM, PDG

Pathways – Chief Ambassador

District 65