Tips for becoming a successful club coach

Tips For Becoming A Successful Club Coach

By Mike Reinbolt and Kristy Miller

Northpointe Toastmasters Club Coaches 2017

(Pictured above with most of their new 2017 officer team)

  1. Inspiring and helping each other goes a long way.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask other toastmasters and clubs for help.
  3. Hold club activities, that encourage bringing the club together. (demo meeting open house, picnics, joint meeting with another club, etc.)
  4. Hold productive and role filled meetings. (See #2 if you need help filling roles). 
  5. At the end of each meeting fill the roles for the next meeting.
  6. Keep meetings structured and have agendas for people to follow along.
  7. Create and implement a Club Success plan.
  8. Get support from District Leadership.
  9. Toastmaster awards bring pride, hope, and lift dark clouds. Strive as a club to reach one.
  10. Instant responses to interested guests are huge!
  11. Fellowship after meetings if time and schedules permit.
  12. Don’t get discouraged! The club you are coaching will follow you and the feelings you are sending out!
  13. Work with the club and build their trust. See what areas they are successful in and what areas need improvement and help guide them in the direction to be successful. Don’t just tell them what to do, become one of them and lead!

Through using these tips, Northpointe transformed from a struggling club of 3 members into an energetic and vibrant club of 15 members in just over a year.  From the brink of extinct to Select Distinguished!! 

Now it is your turn. What club can you help this year?