Trio Talks – April 2018 – Ellen Pieklo

Trio Talks – April 2018

 Ellen Pieklo

Letter From our District Director – Ellen Pieklo

March 23, 2018

Dear District 65 Toastmaster,

The District 65 Toastmasters Year is passing quickly and by this time, many of our clubs are taking a pulse check to see if/when they can be identified as a Distinguished Club.

The Toastmasters organization offers many opportunities to our members for improving both communication and leadership skills. We’ve certainly done enough but have we gone beyond? It’s the theme of this years conference, Satis Superque – “Enough and Beyond.”

Ask yourself:

  • Did your club host a club contest to enable members learn all of the intricacies of hosting a club contest?
  • Each area hosts an area contest – did you attend the area contest to help the area and to support your club members?
  • Do you help other struggling clubs to get better or keep within your own club because the relationships are solid and established?
  • Did your area director visit your club?
  • Do your officers attend the Area Council Meeting and brief you on events taking place that involve your club?
  • If your club wasn’t visited, did the executive committee follow up to find out when the visit would take place?
  • Have you mentored a new member or an existing member?
  • Have you considered coaching a club, even when you don’t need to get educational credit for the effort?
  • Are you approachable to answer questions from members, clubs, areas, and divisions to help correct those messes we all get into – creating that safe place to fail?
  • Have you volunteered to help with a conference?
  • Have you registered for the spring conference?

If we’re truly an organization to help improve communication and leadership skills, we should be working with each other, encouraging each other to be the best we can be – and then more. Ask yourself, what can I do to help Toastmasters? We need both our experienced and less experienced members to be engaged.

This brings me to the next point. As a District, we do have two key events that I’d like to make you aware of. Our District 65 Conference will be held April 20-21, at the Binghamton, New York Holiday Inn.

The conference gives you an opportunity to hear from speakers in the local community, to meet our keynote speaker Radhi Spear, DTM and Toastmasters International Director Region 9, and to watch our Tall Tales and International Speech contests. The winner of the International contest will be competing with over 100 other district winners, in Chicago, to earn the title of World Champion of Public Speaking.

It’s both an honor and a privilege to have one of our District 65 members competing at this level. You’ll also be able to meet people like you, who believe in the Toastmasters program, meeting new people and getting together with old friends you’ve made over the years.

The other opportunity will be to attend the semi-annual business meeting.

The spring business meeting enables the District to conduct District business. As a club, your club has two votes, held by the President and the Vice President of Education (or their designated proxy). The business meeting is held according to Roberts Rules of Order, the same rules we use to run our United States Congress.

At the 2018 Spring Business Meeting, we’ll be voting on the district officers, those elected officers, who will continue to manage our district. These include the District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and our Division A, B, C, D, and E Directors. As a club officer, you’ll not only learn more about meeting protocols but also have your voice heard in terms of who is elected to manage our district organization.

We need each of you! Without you, we cannot exist. Without you, we cannot improve. Without you, we don’t get to know you… and we all lose.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your District 65 Leader and I am wishing you a continuously successful Toastmaster Year. I hope to see you all at the spring conference and at many more of our Toastmaster events.


Ellen Pieklo, DTM

District 65 Director