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The Club Experience

The Value of Leadership Skills

How Toastmasters Club Meeting Roles Can Help Your Career

In tough economic times, it’s important to make yourself as valuable as possible—whether you’re holding down a job or seeking employment. Here’s a hard truth: in most companies, leaders are generally considered more valuable than those who follow. They’re paid more, allowed to plan their own schedules and given a larger share of responsibility.

Given that, what would you do to redefine yourself as a leader?

You could walk into any bookstore and purchase dozens of books on leadership, but they won’t build your confidence. To master a new skill, you must practice it. That includes leadership skills, from conflict resolution to time management. It’s better to market yourself as someone who not only knows about these skills, but has also put them into practice.

You could hire a leadership coach, but how would you practice what you learn? And what about the expense?

The fact is you need all of the above and more—without wasting time or going broke. A great solution is the Toastmasters leadership education track, beginning with the Competent Leadership manual.

The Benefits of Club Meeting Roles

Toastmasters clubs are typically highly energized meetings where participants learn leadership in a safe and fun environment. They do this by assuming meeting roles and practicing their leadership skills in front of fellow members who constructively evaluate their performance every time they take a role. Once you join Toastmasters and try these roles, you, too, can develop your abilities without fear. Moreover, you can build specific skills with each role you perform.

Dr. Ralph Smedley, the founder of Toastmasters International, once said, “We learn best in times of enjoyment.” That still stands today, and when you build those valuable leadership skills in Toastmasters, you’ll reap even greater rewards in your career.

So, volunteer, have fun and discover the leader inside you!

Toastmasters District 65 is comprised of clubs in Western and Central New York. To find a club near you visit our map of clubs and visit one to find out more.

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