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Past District Directors/Governors

(NOTE:  District 34 became part of District 65 in 1972)

2022-23:  Kate Olsen, DTM
2021-22:  Brenda W. Billups, DTM
2020-21:  Linda Lathrop, DTM
2019-20:  Pam Gorman, DTM
2018-19:  Lillian Knight-Faison, DTM
2017-18:  Ellen Pieklo, DTM
2016-17:  Sherry Hunt, DTM
2015-16:  Brion Keller, DTM
2014-15:  Jared Kronenberg, DTM
2013-14:  Kate Olsen, DTM
2012-13:  Linda Lathrop, DTM
2011-12:  Stephanie Siuda, DTM
2010-11:  Lorraine Mott, ATMS
2009-10:  Dennis Gauda, ATMS
2008-09:  Taz Cannon, ATMG
2007-08:  Robert Logan, ATMG
2006-07:  Sam Mehta, DTM
2005-06:  Gordon Penniston, DTM
2004-05:  Harry Carlson, DTM
2003-04:  Michael Slyck, ATMB
2002-03:  DeWitt Hendricks, ATMG
2001-02:  Marian Lamanna, DTM
2000-01:  Ruth Parmenter, DTM
1999-2000:  Pamela Occhino, DTM
1998-99:  Donna M. Sokolowski, DTM
1997-98:  Patrick Beecher, ATM
1996-97:  Carol Ann Stafford, ATMS
1995-96:  James Sokolowski, DTM
1994-95:  Vicki Crissell, ATM
1993-94:  Ruth P. Matson, DTM
1992-93:  Richard P. Westerberg, DTM
1991-92:  Alfred E. Smith, DTM
1990-91:  Virginia Moszkowicz, DTM
1989-90:  John C. Sleeth, ATM-B
1988-89:  Terry G. Schutt, ATM-B
1987-88:  Lois H. Cole, DTM
1986-87:  Dennis Froio, DTM
1985-86:  Kenneth Hull, DTM
1984-85:  Maryann Anderson, DTM
1983-84:  Joseph Cole, DTM
1982-83:  Alan Turof, DTM
1981-82:  Nancy Ellen Scott, DTM
1980-81:  Frederick Ludwick DTM
1979-80:  Edwin Banazek, ATM
1978-79:  Raymond Tardiff, ATM
1977-78:  George Havens
1976-77:  Andy Anderson, DTM
1975-76:  Kenneth Spiegel
1974-75:  William Jones
1973-74:  Stanley Stevens
1972-73:  Robert Borsching, ATM
1971-72:  Robert VanDuyne (D-34)
1971-72:  Robert Root (D-65)
1970-71:  Carmen Spadaro (D-34)
1970-71:  Patrick Panfile, DTM (D-65)
1969-70:  Salvatore Fauci, DTM (D-34)
1969-70:  Robert Root (D-65)
1968-69:  William Fulkerson (D-34)
1968-69:  Peter Zachmann (D-65)
1967-68:  John Glushko (D-34)
1967-68:  Louis Maggiotto (D-65)
1966-67:  Bryon Phelps (D-34)
1966-67:  John Ben Luce (D-65)
1965-66:  Kenneth Thyer (D-34)
1965-66:  Norman Thaler (D-65)
1964-65:  Michael Vadala (D-34)
1964-65:  Bernard Moore (D-65)
1963-64:  Dr. C. Robert Otis (D-34)

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