Important District Update: COVID-19

COVID-19 District 65 Safety Statement
All clubs, areas, divisions, and districts should follow the current Federal, State, and local health and safety guidelines erring on the side of prudence and a sense of responsibility for all Toastmasters and the community.

As the impacts of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continue to be felt around the world, we are working diligently to support our members and clubs. Learn more.

District Leadership

District Director
Brenda Billups, DTM
Program Quality Director
Kate Olsen, DTM, PDG
Club Growth Director
Sam Otto, DTM
(585) 683-9793
(585) 770-4783
(585) 489-1582

District 65 Administration

Public Relations Manager Robert Phillips
Administration Manager Emily Olsen-Nemeth
Finance Manager Melissa McDonald
Imm. Past District Director Linda Lathrop, DTM PDG
Parliamentarian John Sleeth, DTM PDG
Logistics Manager Aleks Nikolic 

Division and Area Directors

Division A Director
Ned Lindstrom

Area 11                            Martin Johnston   

Area 12                            Antionette Johnson

Area 13                            John O’Hare          

Area 14                            Sara Jablonski      

Area 15                            Kara Rozak            

Division B Director
Judy Britton

Area 21                            Pritam Poddar            

Area 22                            Xavier Tarr                  

Area 23                            Sydny Brennen Johnson

Area 24                            Curtis McClenton        

Division C Director
Betty Brewer-Johnson

Area 31                            Lu Bonilla              

Area 32                            Martha Hope         

Area 33                            Rita P. Mitchell      

Division D Director
Gloria Gibbon

Area 41                            Warren Musselman

Area 42                            Jean Hunter           

Area 43                            Gail Dyer                

Area 44                            Zhan Junpeng        


Division E Director
Keith Flint

Area 51                            James Tucker        

Area 52                            Ryan Kelly             

Area 53                            Arlene Brown         

Area 54                            David Carter          

Area 55                            Laura Garramone  


Report: District 65 Leadership Committee 2022

Since all elected positions are not filled, the 2022 DLC report is invalid and all candidates must run from the floor. 
The following eligible candidates have been interviewed and met the qualifications:
District Director – Kate Olsen
Program Quality Director – Sam Otto
Club Growth Director – Judy Britton
Division Director, E – Ryan Kelly
Divisions A, B, C, D (did not receive any Division Director nominations)
Additional qualified candidates who want to learn more about any role, and run from the floor, must send their written intent to run to DLC Chair, Stephanie Siuda ( and District Director, Brenda Billups ( 
If interested, please complete and submit the District Leader Nominating form form below.  Candidates may run for a maximum of 2 roles.
Required paperwork must be received and reviewed by 4/23/2022, at least 7 days prior to the annual business meeting that will be held on 4/30/2022. 
Candidate campaigns may begin as soon as all completed/signed paperwork in turned into DLC.
A Candidate Showcase will be held live for the District via Zoom on Sunday April 24 at 6:00 pm and each candidate will be allotted 2 minutes to answer questions specific to the role of which they are running.
DLC Committee Chair, Stephanie Siuda, DTM, PDG
Division A
Division B Gordon Penniston
Division C Alberta Lattimer Hunt
Division D  Linda Lathrop
Division E Monica VanAuken
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Pathways Updates

February 2021 — Base Camp outage

[Maintenance] Base Camp will be down for scheduled maintenance from 6 to 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on February 19, 2021. During this time, members will not be able to log into Base Camp or purchase paths.

Speeches Outside of the Club

There is a two speech limit per manual in the traditional education program but this is not the case in the Pathways program. There is not a limit in the number of speeches you can complete outside of the club. The requirements for completing speeches outside of the club in the Pathways program are as follows:

  • Speak to your VPE/executive committee and receive approval for completing your project outside of your club
  • Meet the project requirements
  • A Toastmaster must be present for your evaluations
  • Receive a verbal evaluation
  • Receive a written evaluation

If this criteria is met, your project will be eligible for credit. The intention of the Pathways program is to be more flexible as life is ever-changing more now than ever!