Summer 2020 Club Officer Training – Makeup Information

In order for your clubs to get credit, at least four (4) officers need to participate in Club Officer Training. If you missed the exciting event on June 29th, there are now TWO evening sessions (6:00-9:00pm) to choose from – Tuesday, July 14th and Thursday, July 23rd.

To register for Tuesday, July 14th:

To register for Thursday, July 23rd:


Toastmasters Turnaround Story

Wow… From Last Place… to the Top 10%… and Still Climbing

District 65 – Toastmasters Turnaround Story Of The Year

We have a real chance of making our District 65 a Distinguished… or even a Select Distinguished District this year.

But We Need Your Help.

Here is how you can help your Club, your Division and your District.

Step 1: Check your club report by visiting this link, scroll down to your club and click on your club name: your club report will pop up and you can save as a PDF (upper right corner)

Step 2: Find out what your club needs to do to be come Distinguished or better by sharing your club report with your members and officers.

Step 3: Reach out to former members, guests and existing members with the attached PDF on Pathways – visit this link:

Step 4: Submit any CC’s, CL’S, or advanced awards electronically through Club Central before the June 29th deadline.

Step 5: Let us know when you reach Distinguished or Better and your club will receive Toastmasters magnetic Name Badges ($8.00 each) for every member in your club plus a $25.00 gift certificate. Email:

Don’t let all our hard work this year go for naught. Let’s race to the finish line and make District 65 the Turnaround Story of the Year.

You earned it, now lets finish it!

Club Officer Training – Summer 2018

Club Officer Training – TLI – Summer 2018

Save These Dates:

New club Officers and anyone interested in becoming a club officer now or in the future. Here are dates and preliminary locations for the upcoming Club Officer Training Sessions or Toastmaster TLI’s. Actual addresses will be added as soon as they are available.

Please check back to this page regularly for updates.

Here is the link:

  • Sat. July 14th, 2018 – Division E Training – Syracuse, NY
  • Sat. July 21st, 2018 – Division B & C Training – Rochester, NY
  • Sat. July 28th, 2018 – Division D Training – Binghamton, NY
  • Sat. August 4th, 2018 – Division A Training – Buffalo, NY

All Training Sessions are scheduled from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided

You can attend any of the sessions above and qualify for your Officer training credit.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Any questions, please reach out to your Division/Area Directors or

Lillian Knight Faison at – – or

Pam Gorman at – – or

Ray Mulgrew at –

101 Ideas 4 Table Topics

Fun Meeting Ideas

101 Ideas 4 Table Topics

Stolen from: Our Friends at District 46 in NY city

D46 - 101 Table Topics Ideas

If your club is like most, you are always looking for new and interesting Table Topics ideas.

Well today, you have found the mother load.

Our friends at District 46 have already done a ton of research and complied a list of 101 fun ideas that you can copy, modify or use to inspire your next table topics session. Please share them with your members and if you come up with new ones or variations, let us know.

We might put yours in the next newsletter.

Click the image above or the link below:

Keith’s Farewell Message

Keith’s Farewell Message

by Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

Keith 04-2018 cropped 25%

We had a lot of fun this year.

I met so many new Toastmasters from all over the District… and the World.

The one thing that I have found to be true about individuals that gravitate toward and join a Toastmasters club is that they are all working on improving themselves.

  • They are above average intelligence.
  • They know that communication is critical in life, family and work.
  • They inspire others with their inner strength.
  • They step up when others step aside.
  • They find answers when others are still asking the questions.
  • They find solutions to obstacles that get in the way.
  • They challenge themselves to do better, to grow, to laugh and to fail.
  • They build bridges that take them over or around obstructions.
  • They encourage others to step outside that comfort zone.
  • They gently nudge when a push would be too much.
  • They lead… when an example will make a difference.
  • They find greatness where others see ordinary.
  • They find commonality when others try to separate.
  • They find gratitude in the simplest of deeds.
  • They make others better… by being present.

If you are reading this… You have inspired me.

You have inspired another member.

You have inspired a friend, co-worker, family member or a guest.

You can… and do… make a difference.

That is what this year has taught me.

Being a member of our District Executive TRIO is a lot of work, more than even I anticipated. But to do it right, it takes commitment, effort and cooperation.

I want to thank all of you for your support. Our Division/Area Directors and our new Marketing Committee members filled all the holes in the wall of success.

I want to thank Julie Ricchiazzi, Roger Morehouse and Sam Mehta for all their guidance, wisdom and insight. And Lillian Knight Faison for making me smile, keeping it real and showing me how to… “go with the flow”.

I especially want to thank Ellen Pieklo, our District Director who knew the in’s and out’s and guided our team through some incredible challenges. You may not even know those obstacles existed, because she handled them without hesitation… and with a smile.

This year was a huge success. It may not end up as spectacular as we would have liked, but we made some incredible gains that will hopefully carry forward for many years to come.

Most importantly… Ellen, Lillian and I had fun.

We laughed in the face of adversity. We rallied around each other when the going got tough…. And we smiled when even a small success… became a reality. We spent countless hours listening to members, making adjustments and finding solutions.

  • I will not miss the massive amounts of email.
  • I will not miss the long hours on the phone.
  • I will not miss the long hours on video conferences.
  • I will not miss the long hours on the road….

But I will miss you… our members.

Your smiles, your laughter, your stories, your struggles and your achievements made it all worthwhile.

Thank you.

Keith Maderer, DTM

District 65 – Club Growth Director 2017-2018

7 Ways Conversation

Video Training:

7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone

A TED Talk with Malavika Varadan

by Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

Malavika Varadan Video - 50%

As we all work on building a stronger club, sometimes having a genuine conversation with a guest or new member can be challenging. In this video, Malavika shares 7 great ways to initiate a conversation that will engage and encourage others to feel welcome. Here is a list of her 7 main points. If the titles don’t ring a bell… you better watch the video.

  1. The First Word Floodgates
  2. Skip the Small Talk
  3. Find the “Me-Toos”
  4. Pay a Unique Compliment
  5. Ask for an Opinion
  6. Be Present and Make Eye Contact
  7. Name, Place, Animal, Thing

It will help you grow and help you build stronger relationships with your club, members and guests.

The video is only 15:22 minutes long, with many real life stories and examples. I hope you enjoy Malavika’s bubbly personality and guidance as much as I did.

Click here to watch the entire video –

Hornell Toastmasters – Open House

Hornell YMCA Toastmasters – New Club Open House

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 6:00pm, the newly formed Hornell YMCA Toastmasters will be holding an Open House in an effort to get their new club over the 20 member mark and reach their chartered status.

Hornell YMCA Open House Flyers PNG

They are close, but would appreciate your help by spreading the word. If you are from the area or know anyone from the Hornell, Dansville, Wellsville, Olean, Geneseo or Corning area that is looking for a club that meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm, we can make this a great club and another wonderful addition to District 65.

If you know anyone from the Hornell, Dansville, Wellsville, Olean, Geneseo or Corning Chambers of Commerce, local papers or church groups, please forward this email to them and ask them to share the information.

Our Southern Tier Area is dramatically under-served and by adding a new club in this area it would help many others to gain the benefits of Toastmasters.

Please share this information with anyone that you believe could benefit from joining a club. Better yet, make a point of coming to the meeting and bringing them as your guest.

Here are the Details:

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Hornell YMCA – 18 Center St, Hornell, NY 14843

Pizza and Light Refreshments will be provided

Seating is limited to the first 100 people…

Please RSVP To:

To Register Online via EventBrite, Click the Link Below:

Click Here or Image Above to Download the PDF:

Hobby Or Talent Meeting

Fun Meeting Ideas

Hobby Or Talent Meeting:

By Angela D’Amico – Marketing Committee Member

For this meeting, you suggest that each of your members who signs up for a speech provides a talk about their favorite Hobby or a specific Talent that they feel is unique.

In addition to their presentation, live demonstrations are encouraged and audience interaction is also a welcome addition.

Focus your daily Table Topics around hobbies, talents or even super-powers to maintain the theme and get everyone engaged.

Have Evaluators contribute as well with a brief description of their own favorite hobby and what they learned from the Speaker.

Remember that variety is the spice of life. Toastmasters meetings that encourage fun will encourage members to attend and re-engage.

Here are some creative ways to get your club’s endorphins pumping at your upcoming meetings.

  • Once a month keep an element of surprise.
  • Change the layout of the room.
  • Place the lectern in a different spot.
  • You can assign roles at the door as each member picks their roles for that day from a bag.

The more fun you have, the more fun your members and guest will have. Focus on Fun and your club will grow.

Clarence In The News

Toastmaster’s In The News

Clarence Toastmasters – Clarence Chamber of Commerce – 2018 Organization of the Year

By Keith Maderer, Club Growth Director

COC Award 3-1-2018

March 1st, 2018 – Clarence, NY

Congratulations to the Clarence Toastmasters, Club No. 1495286, as they received the 2018 Clarence Chamber of Commerce – Organization of the Year Award at their 46th Annual Awards Dinner at Samuel’s Grande Manor.

This year’s theme was “Clarence: Back to the Future” and each of the 5 honorees was selected based on their contribution to helping local businesses and others in their community.

There were over 300 guests in attendance at this formal Awards Dinner where they were treated to a great meal and a wonderful video presentation spotlighting all the honorees.

This video presentation was prepared and presented by our own Noel Dill, DTM. Noel is a past President of Clarence Toastmasters and a former Area Director in District 65.

Receiving the Award on behalf of the Clarence Toastmasters was their current club president, Melany Arrison, ACB, CL, along with many of her fellow officers and club members.

Melany and COC Award 3-1-2018

It was a fun event and a great social gathering that helped bring the spotlight onto the many great opportunities that our Toastmasters program provides within the business community and social circles everywhere.

  • Other Honorees Included:
  • Citizen of the Year – E. Peter Forrestel II
  • Large Business of the Year – Picone Construction Corp. – Anthony J. Picone
  • Small Business of the Year – Monkey See, Monkey Do Children’s Bookstore – Kim Krug
  • Lifetime Achiever Award – Robert Lenz – owner of the ASA Ransom House