D65 Annual Business Meeting Information – 2021

Note: As items become available, this post will be updated. Be sure and check back.

The District 65 Annual Business Council Meeting will be held this Saturday, April 24th beginning at 9:00AM.

All members of District 65 are invited to attend, but most importantly, the District Council – consisting of the District Executive Committee and ALL Club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education.

The District Council will be voting on important District business – namely the election of the 2021-2022 District 65 Leadership Team. As per Toastmasters International, Proxies for virtual meetings are not permitted, and the President and Vice President of Education must cast their own vote. District Executive Committee members are entitled to one (1) vote and may cast up to two (2) additional votes as a Club President and/or Vice President Education.

In order for a smooth credentialing process, all attendees MUST pre-register for this meeting no later than NOON on Friday, 4/22. Once registered, you will receive an email notification with a link to the meeting itself. This will confirm your registration.

You can pre-register by clicking here!


Nominees for the 2021-2022 District Leader Team are as follows:

District Director – Brenda Billups, DTM (unopposed)

Program Quality Director – Kate Olsen, DTM PDG (unopposed)

Club Growth Director – Samuel Otto, DTM and Martin Johnston, DTM

Division A Director – Ned Lindstrom, DTM (unopposed)

Division B Director – Judy Britton (unopposed)

Division C Director – Martha Hope and Betty Brewer Johnson, DTM

Division D Director – Gloria Gibbon, DTM (unopposed)

Division D Director – Keith Flint (unopposed)

Note: There were no nominations from the floor and all candidates were vetted by the 2022 District Leadership Committee.

All candidates participated in a Candidates Showcase on Sunday, April 18th. You can view the recording here: 2022 Candidates Showcase 


Another item of business that will be voted on is the Proposed District Realignment for 2021-2022. Click Alignment Committee Report to review in advance.


A rough agenda is below:

  • Call to Order
  • Reading of District Mission
  • Remembrance
  • Credentials Committee Report
  • Audit Committee Report
  • Committee Assignments
  • DLC Report
  • Election
  • Reports from District Team (2 mins each)
  • Old Business
  • New Business





Division and Area Directors

Division A Director
Sam Hill


Area 11                                    John Bellomo              jbellomo53@gmail.com

Area 12                                   Bob Patterson              bobchuckpatterson@yahoo.com

Area 13                                   Martin Schwab           mschwab4@verizon.net

Area 14                                   Peter Ralyea                pd.ralyea@gmail.com

Area 15                                   Christine Kozlowski   christine.kozlowski@daemon.edu

Area 16                                   Adam Hammer            ahammer22@gmail.com

Division B Director
Emily Olsen-Nemeth

Emily Olsen Nemith emolsen@rocheste

Area 21                                   Judy Britton                 jbritton1@gmail.com

Area 22                                   Cindy Lapoff               cindylapoff@gmail.com

Area 23                                   Richard Poydock        rpoydock@gmail.com

Area 24                                   open

Division C Director

Ray Mulgrew, DTM

Area 31 Jean Pryor j1700@frontier.com
Area 32 Keenan Glover gloverkeenan@gmail.com
Area 33 Arlene Brown abrown4042@gmail.com
Area 34 Bruce McLellan bruce@mindful-hero.com

Division D Director
Claire Warren Ginnan

Claire Warren Ginnan warrencj@corning.com

Area 41                                   Pamela Ameigh           ameighpamela@gmail.com

Area 42                                   Laura Morehouse        lauramorehouse16@yahoo.com

Area 43                                   Audrey Porsche           audrey.porsche@oneonta.edu

Area 44                                   Antonia McMullan      mcmullanal@corning.com


Division E Director                 Monica VanAuken      monica.vanauken@yahoo.com


2021 Incentives

Clubs that hold an Open House can receive a two-part Reward.

Toastmasters International is offering a FRESCATH to members who pay their October

dues by December 31, 2020. This does not apply to new members.


Part One Receive a $25 TI Store gift certificate just for holding an Open House.

CLUB COACHES are needed. Please contact Club Growth Director Kate Olsen, DTM klolsen@rochester.rr.com for more information.


Part Two Receive another $25 TI Store Gift Certificate for converting two (2) Open House guests to members within 30 days of your Open House. New member names must be provided to the Club Growth Director Kate Olsen, DTM klolsen@rochester.rr.com for verification by June 1, 2021. These new members must be NEW members and not included in any other incentive. This incentive can be used (two) times during the Toastmaster year.

All other questions may be directed to District Director Linda Lathrop, DTM lathroplinda@yahoo.com

Early Bird Clubs achieving Distinguished or better by April 1, 2021 will earn a $50 TI store gift certificate


Triple Crown All Toastmasters who complete a minimum of three (3) levels in their respective path by the end of the current district year June 30, 2021 will receive a Triple Crown Pin.