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Club Contests

Please have your Club contests by January 27th, 2024.

Area Contests

Area Contests will take place in February 2024.
Dates and locations to be announced.

Division Contests

Division Contests will take place in March 2024.
Dates and locations to be announced.

District Contests

District Contests will take place at the annual District Conference on May 4th.
Visit our District Conference page for more information.


Speech contest rulebook: 1171 Speech Contest Rulebook (

Judges eligibility form: 1170 Judges Certification of Eligibility (

International speech contest ballot: 1172 International Speech Contest Ballot (

International speech contest ballot (Tiebreaking judge): 1188 Intl Speech Tiebreaking Ballot (

Tall Tales contest ballot: 1181 Tall Tales Contest Ballot (

Tall Tales contest ballot (Tiebreaking judge): 1181A Tie breaking Tall Tales Contest (

Speaker’s certification of eligibility form: 1183 Speaker’s Certification Eligibility and Originality (

Speech contestant profile: 1189 Speech Contestant Profile (

Ballot Counter Tally Sheet: 1176 Counters Tally Sheet (

Timer sheet: 1175 Time Record Sheet (

Notification of contest winner: 1182 Notification of Contest Winner ( 

Zoom backgrounds for Timer: Toastmasters International -Timer Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom backgrounds (general): Toastmasters International -Zoom Background