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Saturday January 28th
Area 32 9:00am
Area 52 9:00am

Friday February 3rd
Area 23 6:30pm

Saturday February 4th
Area 54 9:00am
Area 12 10:00am

Saturday February 11th
Area 11 9:00am
Area 43 9:00am
Area 53 9:00am
Area 13 9:30am
Area 21 1:00pm

Saturday February 18th
Area 14 9:00am
Area 33 9:00am
Area 42 9:00am
Area 51 9:00am
Area 22 1:00pm

Saturday February 25th
Area 41 10:00am

Saturday March 4th
Division A 9:00am

Saturday March 11th
Division E 9:00am
Division B 1:00pm

Saturday March 18th
Division D 9:00am

Saturday March 25th
Division C 9:00am

Friday April 28th
District 65 Tall Tales (time TBD)

Saturday April 29th
District 65 International (time TBD)


Speech contest rulebook: 1171 Speech Contest Rulebook (

Judges eligibility form: 1170 Judges Certification of Eligibility (

International speech contest ballot: 1172 International Speech Contest Ballot (

International speech contest ballot (Tiebreaking judge): 1188 Intl Speech Tiebreaking Ballot (

Tall Tales contest ballot: 1181 Tall Tales Contest Ballot (

Tall Tales contest ballot (Tiebreaking judge): 1181A Tie breaking Tall Tales Contest (

Speaker’s certification of eligibility form: 1183 Speaker’s Certification Eligibility and Originality (

Speech contestant profile: 1189 Speech Contestant Profile (

Ballot Counter Tally Sheet: 1176 Counters Tally Sheet (

Timer sheet: 1175 Time Record Sheet (

Notification of contest winner: 1182 Notification of Contest Winner ( 

Zoom backgrounds for Timer: Toastmasters International -Timer Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom backgrounds (general): Toastmasters International -Zoom Background